Organizations are adopting patient-centered technology and process-improvement strategies to facilitate the exchange and analysis of information, ensure privacy and security, and create more efficient business and clinical processes.

How it works

We help you establish a standards-based, collaborative environment with seamless integration between diverse technologies across your network—on the cloud, on premise or hybrid — enabling you to reduce costs and increase operating efficiency.

How you benefit

In order to modernize a hospital’s infrastructure, we apply information and communication technologies to care delivery and administration—to help you increase capacity, improve processes, security and safety, while streamlining operations and cost structure.

Case Studies

Advancing research and improving care with hybrid cloud

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America established a dedicated, security-rich hosting environment for a research exchange and knowledge platform that centralizes patient health data and biosamples while safeguarding personal information.

Accelerate integration across critical systems

Using IBM Integration foundation technology, The University Medical Center Freiburg connected the hospital’s business and patient care applications with its clinical and patient data storage systems, to enable a full view of patient care to support advancements in medical center efficiency.

Unlocking the secrets of clinical success from billions of lab results

IBM BigInsights helps Quest Diagnostics ingest, normalize and analyze huge data-sets, delivering new insight into clinical outcomes for physicians, hospitals, and millions of patients.

Taking an innovative telemedicine service global with IBM Cloud

To evolve its telemedicine platform into an enterprise-level solution for worldwide delivery, Doctome needed to team with an IT leader offering global data center presence and cutting-edge cloud services.

Strengthen security and automate endpoint management

Infirmary Health System strengthened its security and endpoint management to better protect data and meet HIPAA and meaningful use requirements.

Embracing tomorrow’s healthcare challenges with analytics-driven planning

As the cost of care rises, efficiency is a must for hospitals worldwide. Karolinska University Hospital used analytics to detect long-term healthcare trends in order to plan and deploy human and financial resources accordingly.

Accelerating genomics research into common childhood conditions

The University of Calgary accelerates and expands genomics research into common childhood conditions such as autism, congenital diseases and the many unknown causes of illness.

Strengthening cardiovascular research

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) is tapping into IBM BigInsights on Cloud and Watson Analytics to develop an informatics platform designed to manage, monitor, store, correlate and analyze data generated from all CANet arrhythmia research and development projects.   

Additional resources

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