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Building a vaccinated world

Learn how IBM’s vaccine management solutions empower stakeholders

Solving an unprecedented challenge

The way forward

Navigating the pandemic has not been a clear or straightforward path. Even though information is constantly changing and public trust is strained, we are all still working toward the same goal:

Building a vaccinated world.

The path forward and to a “new normal” depends on people being vaccinated quickly and safely. IBM has already-proven technologies to provide a comprehensive approach to the challenges of vaccine management.

Learn how we’re combining blockchain, supply chain solutions, and IBM Watson Works technologies to address the global pandemic.

Man getting the vaccine shot from a healthcare worker

Stronger collaboration

IBM’s open platform technology is designed for use across supply chains so both public and private sectors can plug into a network that empowers all stakeholders. Its end-to-end view brings line of sight to every step from manufacturing vaccines, managing inventory, and bringing people back together.

This ability to collaborate and share information will help public and private sectors work together better in order to get more people vaccinated.

Collaboration at work: Moderna and IBM
See how Moderna and IBM are collaborating on vaccine supply chain and distribution data sharing.

Healthcare worker in full protective gear talking on a mobile phone

Building trust through transparency

IBM technologies such as blockchain, data and AI, hybrid cloud, and security, all give people verified and secure ways to manage and share their health status.

IBM Digital Health Pass allows people to share their vaccination status without fear of personal data being released. It’s an essential part of helping businesses, schools, venues, and locations reopen.

Whether it means scheduling vaccinations, proving you’ve been vaccinated, tracking test results, staying informed about medical care, or staying up to date as new information comes out, companies and citizens can have more confidence as the world moves forward together.

Collaboration at work: New York State and IBM
Learn how New York is piloting IBM Digital Health Pass.

Woman wearing mask near public transportation checking phone for digital health pass information

An intelligent supply chain

IBM has proven industry supply chain solutions that are already moving the world’s supply chains forward. Now we can take our learnings and technologies and apply them to vaccine management processes to get vaccines made, distributed fairly, and in arms faster and safer.

The more we can help private and public sectors speed up the entire vaccine process in a trusted and equitable way, from production to distribution, the faster we can help everyone return to their jobs, schools, venues, and other physical locations safely.

Vaccine Production

Blockchain providing trust & transparency

An ecosystem of permissioned participants

To build a vaccinated world, we all need to work together. Citizens, governments, health organizations, and private companies all need to have trust in the vaccine process—and in each other—to get back to normal.

With IBM Blockchain, organizations can exchange information at scale, giving them the ability to securely and transparently share data with partners.

This means suppliers, distributers, and administrators can all have a single, verified view of the truth.


Smarter suppliers

Vaccine management solutions start with suppliers. Now that manufacturers have created vaccines, our open platform will provide end-to-end traceability leveraging data to track the chain of custody all the way from manufacturing to delivery.

IBM Blockchain can help eliminate blind spots across public and private entities who are working together. It can provide near real-time visibility to track shipping and storage conditions for batches, monitor available quantities, record dosages, and more.

Medical professional storing covid-19 vaccine in temperature controlled environment

Data-driven distribution

Vaccine distribution involves both public and private participants, which makes a real-time view of the process absolutely essential. Distributers need line of site into the chain of custody, temperature and handling history, as well as rapid recall traceability if necessary.

Blockchain can help prevent disruption with preemptive detection of changes and unexpected events to ensure vaccines are safely handled and ready-to-go as soon as they reach their destination.

Interstate junction

Accurate administration

There are multiple data challenges when it comes to administering the vaccine. Hospitals and pharmacies need to manage multiple dosing, and plan and forecast demand across thousands of locations.

Public health officials need to engage with citizens to keep them informed on the evolving process. Personal information and medical records need to be carefully maintained and shared in accordance with multiple regulations.

With blockchain, users can integrate open-source software into their existing systems, all while ensuring data is secure.

Man getting the vaccine shot from a healthcare worker

Real-time supply chain management

Global supply chain success

IBM supply chain solutions are already being used around the world, and can help do three major things:

Sense demand: AI technologies can sense and assess new demand so you can act on market shifts.
Automate manual processes: free up time and resources by replacing manual data collection.
Collaborate continuously: create a constant feedback loop and collaborate with partners on a shared platform to resolve issues, often before they even occur.

IBM’s proven supply chain solutions can now be applied to vaccine management to accelerate the process.

Shipping supply dock

Vaccine chain challenges

The supply chain for vaccines is already complicated and involves many touchpoints and participants. Employees could be working on unsecure servers, multiple vendors could have different vulnerabilities, and counterfeiters or hackers could pose a threat through cyberattacks.

Without proper safeguards, the supply chain is vulnerable. An intelligent supply chain with end-to-end visibility is absolutely essential because it can help prevent disruption while staying secure.

Man using computer

An intelligent value chain

Vaccine distribution requires both public and private participation, which makes a real-time view of the process absolutely essential. Distributers need line of site into the chain of custody, temperature and handling history, as well as rapid recall traceability if necessary.

Blockchain can help prevent disruption with preemptive detection of changes and unexpected events to ensure vaccines are safely handled and ready-to-go as soon as they reach their destination.

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Turning disruption into opportunity

Challenging times can bring out the best in all of us. The pandemic is certainly evidence of that.

With IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite, you can accelerate your ability to leverage data and insights to better forecast demand and deliver results.

IBM Sterling has supply chain solutions at every step—order management, inventory management, and supplier management, to help track inventory up to the minute, increase transparency, and fulfill more customer promises.


IBM Digital Health Pass

What is IBM Digital Health Pass?

IBM Digital Health Pass is part of the Watson Works suite of solutions. It’s a mobile passport that lets organizations verify health credentials for anyone entering their site, based on criteria they set like COVID-19 test results, vaccine records, and temperature checks.

Digital Health Pass is designed to help organizations re-open their business or bring people back to any physical location safely, such as an office building, school, stadium, or airport.

Digital Health Pass App

Why trust and transparency are key

Trust, transparency, and privacy are central to a solution like a mobile health passport. Digital Health Pass is unique because it allows users to control what health information they share, in a way that is secure and verifiable.

Health information is shared through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone, so the user can control what is shared and for what purpose.

Woman wearing mask checking digital health pass from man with mask on tablet

Flexibility that’s driven by data

Digital Health Pass was made to help address multiple use cases, and it can be easily incorporated into existing policies or ecosystems. Organizations can set the guidelines and criteria for monitoring health status that fit the needs of their environment.

As data sources continue to change and more of the population becomes vaccinated, organizations can update and evolve their required health criteria.

Employees at workplacee

Safely moving us forward

Digital Health Pass is a way that people can share health information and return to the activities and places they love, without worrying about exposing personal data, Both the individual and the organization can feel confident they are safely returning to the physical location.

Because this is not a zero-sum game, it won’t be achieved by any one company. It is a job that requires collaboration across a highly adaptable foundation of technology that will speed access to life-saving vaccines and, in turn, jumpstart the global economy. Since the early days of the pandemic, IBM has marshaled our technology and human capital toward this global effort.

Bridget van Kralingen, IBM
Senior Vice President, Global Markets

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