Cloud Providers: Addressing the Barriers to Interoperability in Healthcare

Views from the Top: Session # 248

In 2018, a coalition of technology giants took the stage at the CMS Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference, pledging to remove “barriers for the adoption of technologies for healthcare interoperability, particularly those that are enabled through the cloud and AI.”  HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf will build on this robust conversation at HIMSS19 by exploring the progress several leading providers of cloud solutions have made since the initial pledge and discuss the strategies needed to achieve the goal of a frictionless exchange of healthcare data in today’s global health ecosystem.

Moderated by: Hal Wolf, FHIMSS, President & CEO, HIMSS


  • Aashima Gupta, Director, Global Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud, Google, Inc
  • Mark Dudman, VP, Development Watson Health, IBM
  • Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

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Reactions from the Field: AI

Reactions from the Field: AI, Session # 265

Artificial Intelligence…you know the healthcare world is heading in that direction, but where do you begin to harness the power of AI within your organization? Adoption challenges, unstructured data, monetization are just a few terms tossed around when you hear about AI in healthcare. Three different organizations come together to address questions on early AI adoption.


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Combatting Cyberattacks with a Security Residency

Combatting Cyberattacks with a Security Residency, Session ID #CS42

Jennifer Kady, Director of IBM Security Solutions-US Public Sector, IBM

Organizations are overwhelmed with an increasing number of cyber attacks and persistent threats. In the healthcare industry, every minute after an attack counts; thus, comprehensive plans are essential. Come learn how the IBM® X-Force® Command Center exercises can train your team to respond to a simulated cyber attack. See how this immersive security experience tests and builds the skills, processes, and leadership competencies needed to meet our healthcare clients’ needs.

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Mitigating the Next generation of Risk-Connected Devices

Mitigating the Next generation of Risk-Connected Devices, Session ID #72

Matthew Broomhall, CPHIMS, Business Development Executive/CTO IBM TSS Healthcare North America, IBM

Donald Kneitel, IBM Technology Support Services (TSS) Global Business Line Executive for Healthcare, IBM Corporation

With the significant increase in innovative, connected medical devices becoming part of patient care, Information Technology and Clinical Engineering are no longer mutually exclusive disciplines within the clinical setting; rather, they are out of necessity a fully integrated continuum in the integrated chain of patient care. Insuring the security and integrity of information and technology assets in the hospital data center is well understood; however, the practice of securing and protecting the ever-expanding range of connected medical devices that interact directly with the patient is not as well understood and is fraught with a range of additional and unique challenges. This session will describe the similarities and differences in securing information and technology and clinical assets and will outline a model to protect connected medical devices from malicious intent.

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