IBM Watson Health Theater Sessions

At HIMSS18 we featured over 80 presentations across the three days of the conference, showcasing IBM Watson Health clients and partners highlighting their success stories, demonstrating solutions by IBM experts, and providing  the opportunity for attendees to learn more about our latest products, capabilities  and technologies that are helping organizations to transform and empower their leaders with innovative solutions.

IBM Theater Schedule: Tuesday, March 6

  • Session # TA1:  10:00–10:30         Improving outcomes for opioid and substance use disorders

    Jacob Levenson, CEO, MAP Health Management

    Avi Mukherjee, CTO, CIO; MAP Health Management


    Session # TB1:  10:00–10:30          Critical capabilities for successful population health

    Josh Berlin, Managing Partner, Value Based Care Strategic- Advisory Practice, IBM Watson Health


    Session # TA2: 10:30-11:00           Real world treatment using the IBM Watson Health Explorys database

    Eros Papademetriou, HEOR Engagement Manager, Outcomes Research; SmartAnalysts, Inc.


    Session # TB2: 10:30-11:00            Where pharmacy fits into your population health strategy

    Dr. Tina Moen, Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health


    Session # TA3: 11:00-11:30           The Right Conversation: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Medical Imaging

    Steve Tolle, Global VP, Strategy & Business Development - Watson Health Imaging; IBM Watson Health


    Session # TB3: 11:00-11:30            The cure - How AI secures devices, users, and data in healthcare

    Clint Adams, IBM MaaS360 Offering Manager, IBM Security

    Jon Dale, IBM MaaS360 Product Marketing, IBM Security


    Session # TA4:  11:30–12:00         Healthcare analytics goes viral with artificial intelligence

    Dr. Theresa Criscitelli, Assistant Vice President Administration NYU Winthrop

    Jerry Dessart; Healthcare Applied Data Expert - Revenue Cycle, Clinical and Patient, RevAscent


    Session # TB4:  11:30–12:00          Helping consumers understand their health benefits and make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness

    Brian Gamage, Director Enterprise Health Solutions, IBM Watson Health               


    Session # TA5: 12:00-12:30           Chatbot check-up: Welltok’s CaféWell Concierge powered by IBM Watson

    Maneesh Goyal, Senior Vice President, Chief Corporate Development Officer; Welltok, Inc.


    Session # TB5: 12:00-12:30        Transforming orthopedics care: The collaboration between Consensus Orthopedics and IBM Watson Health

    Dr. Chris Leslie, Medical Director, Consensus Orthopedics Inc                                                                    

    Sunanda Saxena, Chief of Staff to the Office of Managing Partner & Global Head of Strategy & Offerings       


    Session # TA6: 12:30-1:00              Road to faster ROI and increased clinician adoption of quality data

    Sally Akers, RN; MSN, Managing Partner, Provider Consulting; IBM Watson Health


    Session # TB6: 12:30-1:00               New York Genome Center helps accelerate the ability of doctors to deliver personalized treatment

    Christopher Black, Director, Research Computing, New York Genome Center


    Session # TA7: 1:00-1:30                 Blockchain trailblazers: Unlocking new markets

    Mark Treshock,  Associate Partner, Life Sciences and Healthcare,IoT and Blockchain, IBM Services


    Session # TB7: 1:00-1:30                  Patterns for Engagement: Working with devices and data in connected care

    Lisa Lucadamo Jarrett, Program Director, Watson Health Cloud, IBM Watson Health

    Deiva Ramachandran, Partner, IBM Watson Health Consulting Services, IBM Services


    Session # TA8: 1:30-2:00                 Managing the explosive growth in healthcare data

    Chuck Suitor, Associate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at MD Anderson Cancer Center


    Session # TB8: 1:30-2:00                  Predicting the lifetime costs of healthcare

    Bipin Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Dzee Solutions, Inc.


    Session # TA9:  2:00–2:30               High performance data and AI for healthcare

    Dr. Frank Lee, PhD, Global Leader High Performance Data Analytics, IBM Systems

    Doug McGuire, Cognitive Systems – Software Defined Infrastructure Sales Executive, IBM Systems


    Session # TB9:  2:00-2:30                 Blockchain for decentralized health data exchange

    Askari Rizvi, Chief Technical Services, National Center for Health Statistics / Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

    Jia Chen, Blockchain for Healthcare & Life Sciences, Watson Health Innovation, IBM


    Session # TA10:  2:30–3:00            Quest Diagnostics - Solid tumor profiling

    Greg Baschkopf, Product Manager, Solid Tumor Profiling; Quest Diagnostics


    Session # TB10:  2:30–3:00             Enterprise analytics for healthcare

    Olivia Loza, Data Engineer & Scientist, Healthcare Global Solution Center, IBM Global Markets


    Session # TA11: 3:00-3:30              Clinical asset intelligence

    Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Technology Thought Leader; Zebra Technologies

    Karl Buck, Global Client Technical Architect - IBM/Zebra Alliance


    Session # TB11: 3:00-3:30               Understand the unknown: How health specific cognitive services accelerate innovation by unlocking new insights

    Tim Bouhour, Lead Offering Manager, Watson Health Cognitive Services

    Tim Wolfe, Offering Manager, Watson Health Cognitive Services


    Session # TA12:  3:30–4:00            Connecting payments and value: Blockchain for alternative payment models

    Francisco Curbera, Director, Watson Health Foundational Technology, IBM Watson Health

    Russell Hargraves,  Global Industry Blockchain Leader for Healthcare / Life Sciences, IBM Industry Platform


    Session # TB12: 3:30-4:00               How a trusted 360-degree patient view supports trusted patient care decisions

    Shannon Fuller, Director, Data Governance, Atrium Health, Carolinas Health System      

    Jack Chinkonsung, NA Healthcare and Life Sciences Leader, IBM Software


    Session # TA13:  4:00–4:30            AI clinical prompting                                                                      

    Stefano Migliorisi, Founder and CEO swyMed Inc.


    Session # TB13:  4:00–4:30             The truth behind cancelled medical procedures

    Celia Ribeiro, Innovation Manager, Glintt

    Nuno Fórneas, Executive Board Member, Glintt


    Session # TA14: 4:30-5:00              Transforming care delivery models for value based care

    Jacqueline Matthews, RN; Associate Partner, Watson Health Strategic Advisory Practice; IBM Watson Health


    Session # TB14: 4:30-5:00               Cognitive revenue cycle

    Mike Simms, Vice President Revenue Cycle at Cone Health

    Steve Matteson, VP, Revenue Cycle - Simpler Partner, IBM Watson Health


    Session # TA15: 5:00-5:30               Provider Licensure & Credentialing with Blockchain

    Donna Houlne, Blockchain Lead for Providers, IBM Services

    Mark Treshock,  Associate Partner, Life Sciences and Healthcare,IoT and Blockchain, IBM Services        


    Session # TB15:  5:00–5:30             IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis

    Alex Abed, Imaging Solution Executive, IBM Watson Health


    Session # TA16:  5:30–6:00          Healthcare technology solution support services

    Kristi McDermott, President, Aramark Healthcare Technologies

    Surjit Ahluwalia, Global Business Line Executive Healthcare Industry, IBM Services


    Session # TB16: 5:30-6:00          Connected health: Driving better patient care integrating medical devices with mobile and cloud                                                                                         

    Balagopal Ramdurai, Vice President, Products and Innovations, ZSL, Inc                                                                      

    Naveen Noel, Practice Head, Healthcare Solutions, ZSL, Inc                                         

IBM Theater Schedule: Wednesday, March 7

  • Session # WA1: 10:00–10:30        Protect critical data with the right data protection and recovery strategy

    Dan Witteveen, Vice President, Global Portfolio, IBM Resiliency Services

    Tajunnisa Kamalapuram, Offering Manager, IBM Resiliency Services, IBM Services


    Session # WB1:  10:00–10:30       High-performance analytics and data management for healthcare and life science

    Janis Landy-Lane, Worldwide Systems Solutions. Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Systems


    Session # WA2: 10:30-11:00         The impact of physician burnout on your organization - and what you can do about it

    Dr. Paul DeChant, Deputy Chief Health Officer, Simpler Consulting, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WB2: 10:30-11:00         How the Combination of AI and Real-World Evidence Can Transform Cancer Care Delivery at your Institution

    Micha Hanson, Offering Management, Oncology & Genomics, IBM Watson Health          

    Janhvi Patel, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Cota Healthcare

    Dr. Andrew Norden, Chief Medical Officer, Cota Healthcare


    Session # WA3: 11:00-11:30         Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health impacting healthcare together

    Chuck Wood, Vice President North America Digital Healthcare Services, Siemens Healthineers

    Lawrence Nicklas, Senior Director, Population Health Solution Strategy, Siemens Healthineers

    Laurent Verard, Strategic Partnerships Executive, IBM Watson Health

    Kevin Arlington, Provider-led Popultion Health Executive, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WB3: 11:00-11:30          One organization’s journey to transform the delivery of quality, accessible healthcare for their healthcare community

    Greg Cleary, Executive Director of Operations, IEHP

    Mike Grant, Senior Director of Process Improvement, IEHP

    Craig Weathers, Simpler Account Manager for IEHP, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WA4:  11:30–12:00         Patient bedside experience

    Adam Mahmud, Healthcare Enterprise Alliance Manager, Jamf

    Stacey Ramos, Associate Partner, Digital Workplace Solutions, IBM Services


    Session # WB4: 11:30–12:00         Public health and surveillance

    Donna Houlne, Blockchain Lead for Providers, IBM Services


    Session # WA5: 12:00-12:30         Introduction to Watson Health’s artificial intelligence portfolio for medical imaging

    Bill Stoval, Offering Management, Watson Health Imaging, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WB5: 12:00-12:30         Putting the end user first in transformation

    Phil Shelato, Senior Managing Consultant, Watson Health Strategic Advisory Practice, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WA6: 12:30-1:00            Seeing risk in value-based contracts: Know your risk at different stages of care and utilization

    David Bordewyk, Senior Director, Clinical Solutions - Clinical Performance Improvement, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WB6: 12:30-1:00            Social program management and Watson Health cloud

    Walter Szyperski, PMP; Partner, Public Sector, IBM Services


    Session # WA7:  1:00–1:30             Social determinants of health: Motivational interviewing

    Joe Gough, CEO & Founder of Wellopp


    Session # WB7:  1:00–1:30             Medtronic's Sugar.IQ with Watson Health

    Huzefa Neemuchwala, PhD MBA, Digital Health Innovation, Medtronic

    Pam Nesbitt, Distinguished Engineer, Watson Health Partnerships and Solutions, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WA8: 1:30-2:00               Cracking the code: HIPAA and GxP grade innovation in the cloud

    Michael Fahey, Watson Platform for Health Analytics Offering Manager, IBM Watson Health

    David Kwon, Program Director, Offering Leader - Watson Platform for Health 


    Session # WB8: 1:30-2:00               Securing your medical imaging assets                      

    Enrique Gutierrez Alvarez, Worldwide Data Security Segment - Information Risk and Protection, IBM Security


    Session # WA9: 2:00-2:30               AMA's integrated health model: Results from a Watson pilot to break down data barriers without compromising privacy and security

    Dr. Michael Hodgkins, Chief Health Informatics Officer, American Medical Association

    Dr. Bill Kassler, Deputy Chief Health Officer, Lead Population Health Officer, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WB9: 2:00-2:30               Sisters of Charity Health System delivers ‘always-on’ services with a modernized IT infrastructure

    Paul Jones, Chief Technical Officer at Sisters of Charity Health System


    Session # WA10:  2:30–3:00          Aetna optimizes services with high-performance all-flash storage

    Jim Jancewicz, Sr. Storage Specialist at Aetna


    Session # WB10:  2:30–3:00          A panel discussion: Delivering value through managed applications and services

    Brian Whitfield (moderator), General Manager, Healthcare and State Government, IBM Services

    Sean Diwan, Vice President IT & CTO, R1 RCM                                                                            

    Dan Bowden, VP and CISO, Sentara Health                                

    Bill Stith, Vice President, Public Markets, IBM Services


    Session # WA11: 3:00-3:30            Connecting Home Care to Healthcare

    Geoffrey Nudd, Chief Executive Officer, ClearCare


    Session # WB11: 3:00-3:30            RWE and advanced analytics for life sciences

    Keith Hopkins, Advanced Healthcare Analytics, IBM Watson Health Consulting


    Session # WA12: 3:30-4:00            Blockchain in life sciences

    Mark Treshock, Associate Partner, Life Sciences and Healthcare, IoT and Blockchain, IBM Services


    Session # WB12: 3:30-4:00            Big data in medical imaging

    Dr. Piers Nash, Data Evangelist, Cancer Biologist, Strategy Architect, IBM

    George Miller, Cloud Solution Architect – Healthcare, IBM Cloud Object Storage


    Session # WA13:  4:00–4:30         Standardization of oncology care means closing the oncology treatment gap for all

    Steve Schudlo, Executive Director Business Development, Watson Health Imaging                                   

    Andrew Wilson, Vice President Global Marketing, Digital Portfolio,  Elekta


    Session # WB13:  4:00–4:30          The precision workflow revolution

    TJean Drouin, MD, CEO & Co-Founder, Clarify Health Solutions                                                   


    Session # WA14: 4:30-5:00            Navigating digital transformation and new cybersecurity risks: A panel discussion

    Rob Israel, Moderator, IBM Service Services

    Sean Updegrove, CTO at Keck Medicine of USC    

    Christian Aboujaoude, Director, Enterprise Architecture at Scripps Health


    Session # WB14: 4:30-5:00            Accelerate electronic health records workloads with high-performance system

    Cheryl Parker, Global ISV Business Development Healthcare and Digital Video, IBM Systems


    Session # WA15: 5:00-5:30            Leveraging analytics and cognitive technology solutions for end-user support services

    Suchitra Joshi, ServiceNow program manager, IBM Services


    Session # WB15: 5:00-5:30            Benefits of an enterprise imaging strategy

    John Hansen, Offering Management Executive, Watson Health Imaging, IBM Watson Health


    Session # WA16:  5:30–6:00          Democratizing data through the cloud to advance precision medicine

    Angela Dobes, Senior Director IBD Plexus at Crohn's & Colitis Foundation


    Session # WB16:  5:30–6:00          Always on call: IBM Virtual Agent                                                          

    Jason Gelsomino, Industry Solutions Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Services                                     

    Terrel Marks, Partner, HCLS Digital Strategy & Interactive; IBM Services                                                        

    Kathy Kolwyck, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Services

IBM Theater Schedule: Thursday, March 8

  • Session # THA1:  10:00–10:30         Accelerating innovation with Cloud, Mobile and IoT

    Michael Fahey, Watson Platform for Health Analytics Offering Manager, IBM Watson Health


    Session # THB1:  10:00–10:30      The trusted solution to protect your most valuable data - pervasive encryption on IBM Z

    Maria Smith-Graney, IBM Z Offering Manager - Healthcare and Government, IBM Systems


    Session # THA2: 10:30-11:00         Genomics deployments - How to get it right with software-defined infrastructure

    Ted Hoover, High Performance Analytics Solutions Development, IBM Systems


    Session # THB2: 10:30-11:00        Improving transitions of care for high-risk patients with NLP

    Jennifer Kotwicki, Director of Case Management, Post-Acute Center, BayCare Health System  


    Session # THA3: 11:00-11:30          Address consumer help desks needs at scale with Watson Conversations

     Aaron Seib, Sr. Vice President of Informatics, NewWave Telecom & Technologies


    Session # THB3: 11:00-11:30          Boost and extend your cybersecurity with a security immune system

    Cindy Compert, Cybersecurity Leader, U.S. Public Markets, CTO Data Privacy & Security, IBM Security           


    Session # THA4:  11:30–12:00      Improve insight on substance abuse treatment for better outcomes

    Michael Treanor, CEO, Dimensions Recovery 


    Session # THB4:  11:30–12:00       Washington University Medical Center demo: High- performance AI for imaging

    Dr. Yong Wang, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine

    Dr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University, Medical Center

    Frank Lee, PhD, Global Leader High Performance Data Analytics, IBM Systems


    Session # THA5: 12:00-12:30       How the Combination of AI and Real-World Evidence Can Transform Cancer Care Delivery at your Institution

    Micha Hanson, Offering Management, Oncology & Genomics, IBM Watson Health          

    Janhvi Patel, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Cota Healthcare

    Dr. Andrew Norden, Chief Medical Officer, Cota Healthcare


    Session # THB5: 12:00-12:30         The future of patient access and engagement centers                        

    Jason Gelsomino, Industry Solutions Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Services                              

    Terrel Marks, Partner, HCLS Digital Strategy & Interactive; IBM Services                                                        

    Kathy Kolwyck, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Services


    Session # THA6: 12:30-1:00            Can your Healthcare IT systems run in the cloud? Learn how other organizations have made the decision

    Mark Lucente, Technical Director and Managing Partner at Zilker Technology LLC

    Jordan Hayward, Healthcare & Life Sciences Cloud Market Leader, IBM Cloud


    Session # THB6: 12:30-1:00           Optimizing healthcare collaboration and workflows with Box Relay

    Andrew Keating, Managing Director, Box


    Session # THA7:  1:00–1:30            Visualizing better healthcare: How streaming video improves communications in the healthcare industry

    Peter Gailey, President & Co-Founder at BroadcastMed, Inc.

    Alan Richardson, Sr. Sales Engineer, IBM Cloud Video                        


    Session # THB7:  1:00–1:30            Watson Advertising for life sciences

    Dani Feore, Head of Industry Sales - Pharma & Healthcare, IBM Watson Advertising

    Keith Hopkins, Advanced Healthcare Analytics, IBM Watson Health Consulting 


    Session # THA8: 1:30-2:00              Consolidating clinical, operational and financial data for health system reporting excellence – Baylor Scott & White Case Study

    Abhay Singhal, Vice President, CitiusTech

    Shashi Vangala, Vice President – Enterprise data Services, Baylor, Scott & White Health System


    Session # THB8: 1:30-2:00              Cognitive relationship telemedicine -direct primary care- Healthcare as a Service (HaaS)

    Terry Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Imperium Legacy Technology

    Michael Nishiki, Case Solutions Sales Leader, IBM Software Sales


    Session # THA9: 2:00-2:30              Image sharing across the continuum of care

    John Hally, Offering Manager, Watson Health Imaging, IBM Watson Health


    Session # THB9: 2:00-2:30              Health IT’s role in patient engagement

    Judy Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer, Global Healthcare & IBM Industry Academy Member, IBM Global Markets

    Jon Mark Harmon, Solution Executive, IBM Watson Health


    Session # THA10: 2:30-3:00           Box Skills: Bring intelligence to all your content

    Andrew Keating, Managing Director, Box


    Session # THB10:  2:30–3:00          How healthcare security professionals can achieve efficient incident response through orchestration

    Tatyana Albinder, Sales Engineer, IBM Resilient


    Session # THA11: 3:00 – 3:30             


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