What is supply chain visibility?

Supply chain visibility is the ability of all stakeholders throughout the supply chain to access real-time data related to the order process, inventory, delivery and potential supply chain disruptions. The advanced insights improve customer service, reduce costs, help with regulatory directives, and mitigate interruptions that could affect supplier inventory levels and product delivery. Embedded AI capabilities provide real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours.¹


Gain visibility into transactions and inventory

Lack of transaction and inventory visibility continues to be a significant challenge. Embedded AI capabilities provide real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours.(1) Data-driven insights help uncover savings opportunities you couldn’t see before to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. You can also securely extend shared, near-real-time visibility to trading partners, suppliers and customers — and establish provenance — with blockchain.

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Master Lock reduces error-rates and disputes chargebacks

With IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, Master Lock has AI capabilities to help businesses gain deeper insight into EDI processes.

Raw Seafoods is building consumer confidence in the catch

Raw Seafoods is using IBM Food Trust to trace their catch from harvest to end-user — helping to build trust with consumers and across the entire food supply chain.

Petco enables better B2B and supply chain visibility

Using IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson, Petco can quickly identify and resolve supply chain issues — without engaging the IT team.

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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

View all relevant transactions from a single dashboard to quickly pinpoint and assess issues allowing resolution in minutes not hours.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Predict, quickly assess and effectively mitigate disruptions and risks to optimize supply chain performance with AI-powered capabilities.

IBM Food Trust

Connect participants through a permissioned, immutable and shared record of food provenance, transaction data, processing details, and more.


Get an interconnected ecosystem of supply chain partners — cargo owners, ocean and inland carriers, freight forwarders and logistics providers, ports and terminals, customs authorities, and more.

AI-enabled supply chain visibility is transforming the industry

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1. Based on results from IBM Supply Chain Transparent & Cognitive Initiative