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The perfect order, every time

Getting your customers what they need – when and where they need it – has never been more challenging. It is possible to manage through complexity and help preserve business continuity, while leaning in to cost optimization. IBM clients have reduced shipping costs by 7 -  8% using our order management and fulfillment applications.

With IBM, you can track orders from inception to delivery, manage processes and data throughout the order lifecycle, and get real-time visibility into every order across all channels. Accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory views and Available-to-Promise data help you maximize responsiveness and keep more customer promises while reducing financial impacts of lost or non-productive inventory. Embedded AI enables smarter sourcing and fulfillment decisions at the lowest cost-to-serve.  

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Sophisticated inventory promising: Your superpower for next-gen omnichannel experiences

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Real-time visibility and control of orders

Combine multichannel order aggregation, inventory and delivery visibility, and service availability into a single platform — for true omnichannel order fulfillment.

Up-to-the-minute inventory views

Rapidly process supply and demand activity to present a real-time availability picture across all channels, to deliver on customer expectations.

Smarter sourcing and fulfillment

Understand and act on changes in the market as they occur – to perfectly balance the processes of protecting margins, utilizing store capacity and meeting delivery expectations.


Supply chain services

Take your supply chain to the next level with supply chain consulting services from IBM. Let our experts help you develop a stronger supply chain that’s also more flexible and adaptable. Minimize the impact of disruptions while maximizing operational effectiveness.

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Case studies

Order management case studies Eileen Fisher delivers outstanding customer experiences

The fashion retailer builds a central inventory, order-promising and fulfillment hub based on IBM Sterling Order Management — enabling true omnichannel retail capabilities.

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Follett Corporation unifies 1,200 independent online stores

The retailer transforms independent stores into cooperating stores that share inventory, catalogs and order fulfillment, resulting in increased revenue.

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Parker Hannifin delights with seamless fulfillment experiences

The mega manufacturer increases customer satisfaction and sales with better visibility into inventory and orders across its global supply network.

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JOANN Stores quickly pivots its supply chain

Learn how JOANN leans into their order management solution to handle skyrocketing online orders during COVID-19.

Sally Beauty delivers continuous omnichannel innovation

Learn how Sally Beauty is taking bold bets on technology to deliver more dynamic customer experiences.

With IBM OMS, we have the capability in a consolidated platform to provide realtime inventory visibility and optimized order orchestration for our ecommerce channel which will result in a better customer experience. Mohit Jain, CIO-FleetPride Learn why B2B organizations use modern order management solutions
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