COVID-19: Solutions to support health and human services

COVID-19: Recover and reset

Optimize restart of surgical services

Using a proprietary algorithm and historical data, IBM Watson Health can support hospitals and health systems as they reset surgical scheduling – helping to improve productivity and profitability while promoting quality and safety.

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Bringing technology, analytics and cognitive insights to healthcare consulting

Global healthcare systems are experiencing a dramatic and remarkable transformation. New and emerging technologies – such as artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and 3D printing, among many others – are converging to change not only how, where and with what precision healthcare strategy and operations are delivered, but also the very definition of healthcare. In addition, the industry must deal with continually increasing costs and growing pressures to be more focused on value-based care.

Our healthcare consulting services can assist healthcare organizations in transforming fragmented activities and evolving them into integrated ecosystems of providers, payers and researchers who can interact with patients, caregivers and others on an individualized basis, leading to noticeable performance improvement. And, with the help of new technologies, this focus on a lean process is increasingly able to be delivered affordably and at scale.

Technological advancements are helping healthcare to become more personalized, more lean, cost-effective and scalable, and capable of achieving more successful outcomes than ever before. But shifting demographics, particularly in relation to rapidly expanding, and aging, populations as well as growing affluence globally, have contributed to increasing expectations, placing significantly increased pressure on healthcare systems around the world.

These pressures include an outcry from employers, taxpayers and consumers to lower costs. Many healthcare organizations are changing their business and operating models from the still-predominant fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement in an effort to provide affordable, quality treatment at lower costs and achieve the ultimate goal – improving patient care.


Driving innovation and strategy in healthcare

IBM Watson Health utilizes a unique combination of deep healthcare domain, data and analytics experience, leading to actionable insights. These assets, along with a focus on trust and security, reassure our clients in the work we do, no matter how challenging.

Deep industry expertise

Consultants, specialists and partners are here to help guide you.

Data and analytics

Rich data sets and analytics are provided to illuminate insights.

Actionable insights

The information you need is here to help you act with confidence.

Security and trust

Your data is always yours, and protected by an industry-leading enterprise security.


Healthcare consulting solutions

Watson Health provides access to a connected ecosystem of health experts, data, and partners to support digital transformation.

HHS consulting

Guidance to help agencies balance cost and make improvements with fiscal constraints

Pharmaceutical consulting

Research, policy and analytic expertise decision support

Healthcare provider consulting

Helping define and conquer “the new normal”

Healthcare analytics consulting

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Work with an expert

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