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It is important, now more than ever, to be sure you are equipped with the right tools and resources to help you collaborate and stay focused on the right tasks and goals ahead. With the help of our Data Science Elite tools and a few third-party favorites, you'll be able to streamline your projects, collaborate efficiently, and stay agile in a remote environment.

Data Science and AI from Anywhere

To continue our success with clients virtually, we have taken a 3 prong approach going 100% virtual. Starting today, we are offering...

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Data Science Elite Resources

Industry Accelerators are a set of artifacts including sample data, models and documentation that help you address common business issues while expediting your timeline. Take advantage of DSE's Industry Accelerators to kick-start your project.
Learn with this free eBook how Agile AI enables organizations to innovate quickly and reduce the risk of failure.
Attend the weekly webinar sharing best practices to help data scientists thrive in this unprecedented time.

IBM COVID-19 and Remote Data Science Resources

Amid the global pandemic our world faces today, we must come together as one community. Learn about IBM's initiatives in response to COVID-19.
Build your personal brand and advance your career - browse new and popular badges available to you for free.
Track your Infrastructure Architecture journey, keep in step with your peers, and build a roadmap to modernization.
Read more on the economic impact of IBM Cloud Pak for Data on organizations and discover how you can cut costs and drive revenue with integrated data and AI services.

Top IBM Tools and Products for Remote Data Science

Trust and transparency are crucial in business, now more than ever. Try Cloud Pak for Data to see how you can make your data AI ready and transform your operations to improve data integrity and empower higher value work.
As you adjust to a new working environment, simplicity in workload becomes crucial. Watson Studio helps data scientists and analysts prepare data and build models at scale across any cloud. Test out this service to see how it benefits your data science projects today.
Maintaining production-level accuracy and modeling efficiency are big challenges data scientists continue to face. Accelerate your AI and machine learning deployment while increasing your time to value of any model with the help of Watson Machine Learning. View its full set of benefits to learn how it can help you harness AI at scale across any cloud.
Measuring results is a crucial component of our work as data scientists. Watson OpenScale tracks and measures outcomes from AI across its lifecycle, governs AI, and adapts it to changing business situations — for models built and running anywhere. Get started for free to see the power of this service for your business.

Top Tools

Use this application to simplify task management and organize, track, and manage your work for collaboration across teams.
Share project data, code, notes and other related documents between teams in a structured, cloud-based file-sharing and content management system.
Unite with the large community of developers to create, share and build software while working collaboratively with your team.
Track bugs in your project while maintaining sharp management of your upcoming tasks.
Build and share project documents that contain live code and data visualizations and equations. Use this tool data cleaning, modeling, machine learning and more.
Mural takes your sticky notes and brainstorm sessions and turns them digital. Use this collaborative tool to build a plan and scope a project on your computer or phone.
Use Slack or your instant communication platform of choice to collaborate and chat easily with teams, set reminders, create channels and search for conversations all in one place.
Project-manage, organize, assign tasks and track your progress with this agile, collaborative tool so you never miss a task.

Trello Sample Template

Use this board to get your data science projects done. It isn’t just about checking off items on a list, organizing tasks, or even about collaborating real-time with others. Getting things done is a process: it’s a way of thinking that involves planning, execution, iteration, and reflection.

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