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IBM Sterling® Order Management

Sterling Order Management transforms businesses with a platform that provides centralized management and real-time visibility into inventory, orders and fulfillment across the network. With customizable rules, real-time inventory visibility and dynamic fulfillment, you can feel confident to seamlessly take orders, say “yes” more often, and present a committed delivery promise.

Sterling Order Management features

Enhance the customer experience

Keep customer promises with flawless order fulfillment execution, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, across all channels.

Capture real-time inventory visibility

Customize inventory supply and demand to advance views of on-hand, in-transit and future inventory.

Leverage omnichannel capabilities

Attract shoppers with omnichannel fulfillment options such as curbside pickup, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), ship-from-store (SFS), drop ship and more.

Manage multi-brand complexity

Leverage multi-brand order execution with complex capabilities for inventory segmentation and allocation.

Harness advanced intelligence

Utilize AI-powered insights to scale operations and maximize profitability.

Establish comprehensive reverse logistics

Deliver customer satisfaction with returns dispositioning, acceptance of cross-channel returns, exchanges on existing sales orders, and visibility into return order status.

IBM Sterling® Order Management Essentials

Get robust order management designed to evolve and grow as your company’s strategy changes.

Sterling Order Management Essentials is a flexible solution with templatized functionality designed to adjust to your ever-changing business needs with fast time to market. The solution is built for businesses looking for core functionality to support inventory management and omnichannel fulfillment options such as curbside pickup, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), ship-from-store (SFS), drop ship and more.

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Sterling Order Management Essentials features

Deploy order orchestration for omnichannel excellence

Aggregate, manage and monitor sales orders to support omnichannel operations.

Reach your payment processing potential

Simplify processing, authorization and settlement of any type of payment.

Enhance supply and demand matching

Access a consolidated view of inventory supply and demand, enabling tracking of on-hand and future inventory.

Optimize order processing

Use automation to control order processing with configurable distribution groups and sourcing rules to boost efficiency.

Oversee orders from end to end

Employ a powerful order engine to manage orders through their lifecycle from creation to scheduling, fulfillment and invoice.

Rethink returns processes

Manage return order creation, receiving and refund processing seamlessly.


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