IBM ranks second highest in the Data Fabric use case

See why in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Integration Tools.

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Data-driven organizations outperform their peers by 165% in revenue growth and 163% in profitability.¹ To fuel your company’s business advantage with data, you need a data architecture that puts the right data into the hands of the right people with trust and transparency. A data fabric architecture does this by uniting, governing and securing data for faster, more accurate insights.

Let’s work together to position your teams with the necessary skills, products and services to build a strong data fabric tailored to employee and customer needs. Explore how you can unlock innovation, improve customer experiences and reduce costs with a data fabric architecture.

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Explore common IBM data fabric use cases

Deliver quality data

Apply governance solutions and methodologies to deliver trusted, business-ready data.

Minimize risks, manage compliance

Integrate a pervasive privacy framework to understand and manage sensitive data.

Optimize data access

Unite data from all sources and provide self-service access for faster, cost-effective insights.

Deliver quality data

Minimize risks and manage compliance

Optimize data access

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¹ 20th Global C-Suite Study: Build Your Trust Advantage, IBM Institute for Business Value, November 2019