Move at the speed of customer demands with fast integration

As you build out your digital infrastructure to respond to changing customer needs, you want to capture new events contextually and in near real-time. App Connect lets you build workflows to orchestrate the right follow-on actions, so you can immediately react to new events and provide an ideal customer experience even as needs shift.

Build flows that react to real-time events

Quickly connect to applications and data sources to watch for events. App Connect supports systems that have an event-driven architecture or can leverage polling mechanisms to work with those that don’t. Once connected, you can configure integration flows that automate tasks and apply conditional logic to streamline decisions.

Featured template for acting on events:

Create new Salesforce cases and send alerts for new incidents in ServiceNow

Use this template to create a new case in Salesforce when a new incident is created in ServiceNow. If an incident is urgent, the flow can send an email via Gmail and a message on Slack to alert the right teams.

Illustration of integration between Salesforce and ServiceNow.

App Connect can help you:

Build event-based flows

Quickly connect multiple backend systems and platforms to build integrations that detect and react to new or recurring events. Native support for event-based apps is augmented with polling for unsupported systems, ensuring you can use all your available data.

Screenshot showing integration between Eventbrite and NetSuite HCM.

React in real time

Providing access to data ensures the right teams can react quickly to new events. Where data exists in critical or complex backend systems, App Connect’s browser-based tooling experience provides controlled access to specific information for non-critical teams.

IBM App Connect screenshot showing configurable events for Salesforce.

Detect and respond to situations

App Connect’s unique situation-detection technology proactively identifies important business events, sending users context-driven notifications at the right time. Users can then participate in a workflow that prompts them to choose the right action from a simple set of pre-configured options.

Screenshot showing IBM App Connect's situation detector workflow for Salesforce.

Start using App Connect for free

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