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Integrate your apps and data faster with flexible pricing based on the deployment option that's best for you.

Pricing options
Comparison of IBM App Connect SaaS editions to software App Connect Enterprise as a Service Flow Runs edition Starting at USD 200/month*

Consume integration services as a fully managed, multi-tenant service.

With this plan, you will be charged based on the number of times your integration flows are invoked in App Connect Enterprise as a Service.

*sold on an annual basis

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App Connect Enterprise as a Service Runtime Compute Capacity edition Starting at USD 667/month*

Consume integration services as a fully managed, multi-tenant service.

With this plan, you will be charged for each hour that a virtual core processor is available to App Connect Enterprise as a Service.

*sold on an annual basis

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Enterprise Integration Software (with IBM Software Subscription & Support) Pricing available upon request*

Run integration services as ESB or agile microservices with flexible deployment options.

*Renewed annually

Real-time, scheduled, on-demand synchronization and loading of data between multiple data sources

Orchestration of tasks and processes

Build APIs and webservices

Respond to critical business events with event-driven integrations

File handling and processing

No code, low code designer tooling

Powerful and flexible toolkit IDE tooling

Intelligent, discovery app and data connectors

Protocol connectors

Community connectors

Secure hybrid connectivity

Transform and serialize data from any format

Developer AI assistance

Developer accelerators

Test and validate integrations with native testing suite

Share, collaborate and reuse integration assets from IBM Automation Explorer community

Intelligent hybrid dashboards to deploy, update and monitor integrations

User authentication and management with access control

Advanced logs with audit and user tracking

Advanced performance management

Enterprise Service Bus architecture on multiple platforms




Container services on multiple platform




Hybrid cloud, multicloud deployment




Fully managed service

  • Automatic, elastic scaling
  • High availability and redundancy with multi-zone region and cross-geo fail-over
  • Cloud native DevOps with site reliability engineering
  • Automatic upgrades and patches
  • Regulation and compliance




Automated pipeline deployment

Resource Unit

100k flow runs per annum

10k VPC hours per annum


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