Explore our 6 experiential zones on how you can accelerate your journey with AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Security

Accelerate with AI & Data Science

What will you experience

How is AI, machine learning, and deep learning used to anticipate new market demands?

  • See live how you can accelerate the build, test and deployment of custom AI models
  • Experience real world use cases that help businesses streamline operations, mitigate risks and drive insights from data, wherever it resides

Accelerate your Business Reinvention

What will you experience

Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. Digital forces have created unprecedented levels of industry dislocation and are fundamentally changing business economics.

  • Experience how organizations have reimagined the way they interact with their environments to succeed in this disruptive environments by offering compelling new experiences, establishing new focus, building new expertise, and devising new ways of working

Accelerate with Hybrid Multicloud

What will you experience

Experience the innovative approaches in the adoption of cloud, a platform that enables new customer experiences, new business agility and often new business models.

  • Unlock the value of your data and put smart to work with AI
  • Ensure an agile integration architecture using hybrid cloud technologies and multicloud capabilities
  • Modernise your data estate and make it ready for an AI and multi-cloud world
  • Build, train, and deploy AI models at scale based on open technologies
  • Operationalise your AI-driven insights and business processes with trust and transparency

Accelerate your Cyber Resiliency

What will you experience

  • Discover emerging trends and learn how IBM can help you to identifyprotectdetectrespond and recover from cyber attacks
  • Connect with IBM's Cyber Elite experts to gain insights on how to make your organisation more cyber resilient
  • Step inside our Escape Room to see how you react to a cyber breach
  • Explore the latest solutions from the largest cyber security and resiliency vendor, trusted by thousands of clients

Accelerate your Modern Infrastructure

What will you experience

In today's world of exciting technologies like AI, Blockchain and Quantum, we are redefining the way we look at the platforms which bring in the capabilities to make things work. Experience the innovative approaches in the adoption of cloud, a platform that enables new customer experiences, new business agility and often, new business models:

  • Get strapped into an F1 simulator and experience the same thrill which an F1 driver goes through in a race. As you cross the finish line, our SMEs will explain how IBM Storage is helping the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team design and refine race-winning components faster than ever before.
  • Meet our Nao robot and have a go at interacting with her as she can recognise your gestures and respond accordingly.
  • Say hello to Quantum Computing and get a chance to interact with our IBM Q Ambassadors.

Accelerate your Supply Chain

What will you experience

See how AI and Blockchain infused solutions can help you to:

  • Combat weather challenges to fulfill your orders
  • Empower customers to personalize their products with minimum or no delivery disruption
  • Digitize and secure transactions with your supply chain ecosystem