Build a smarter supply chain

Uncovering hidden insights, transforming outdated processes, and delivering superior customer experiences with AI, IoT, automation, and blockchain are helping innovate supply chain management.

Explore solutions and examples to learn more about how to apply these new technologies to transform supply chain management.

Avoid disruptions

87% of CSCOs say it is extremely difficult to predict and manage disruptions.*  AI helps uncover insights in massive amounts of untapped data from various existing systems and data sources, including weather and transportation.

IBM solutions help bring disparate data together, applying AI to predict disruptions and recommend solutions so you can respond quickly. As issues are resolved, AI learns, helping you manage future disruptions by offering better solutions.

Supply chain and AI

Visit the Supply Chain Lab to learn how to make sure your shipments arrive on time.

Supply chain insights

Capitalize on AI to break free from supply chain visibility challenges and act with confidence.


Harnesses AI to reduce global manufacturing supply chain cost, complexity and risk.

Improve visibility

Growing manufacturing supply chain complexity due to increasing regulations, ethical sourcing considerations, counterfeit parts, and more, make the tracking and communicating of large volumes of varied types of data crucial. Blockchain offers the solution that can improve your supply chain visibility.

IBM Blockchain helps build efficiency, transparency, and trust - providing a shared, permissioned record of ownership, location and movement of parts and goods. The versatility of these records makes them perfect for keeping up with innovative new business models.

Supply chain visibility

IBM’s Supply Chain lab shows you how to maintain traceability across all logistics.

Transform with blockchain

Understand every detail of every product with a trustworthy, secure and shared record.

Blockchain creator tackles supply chain

Learn the basics of blockchain and how it can be used to transform your supply chain.

Respond quickly

B2B networks continue to grow in size and complexity, requiring a frictionless space to connect and collaborate within. Digital manufacturing supply chains provide that space. You can save time searching EDI data with AI document correlation technologies and accessing data in easy to read formats helps you respond quickly to supply chain disruptions.

Supply chain efficiency

Let the IBM Supply Chain lab help you pinpoint transaction issues faster with AI.

Transaction intelligence

Provide an immutable shared record of real-time digital events across your supply chain.

Supply chain planning and optimization

Tap into hidden data so that service level, cost, and inventory are perpetually balanced. A cognitive strategy provides the blueprint for a new generation operating model for planning and operations which considers workforce, processes, and technology. Our garage method helps you with rapid ideation, prototyping, and testing to think differently about manufacturing supply chain functions and see results quickly.

The Kraft Heinz Company

Innovates faster and thrives in a competitive market by using the IBM Garage method.

Digital operations - reimagined

Predictive analytics provide insights that help support growth to new markets and revenue streams.

OMR Group

Plans a digital transformation to cut complexity, reduce costs and accelerate growth.

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*Frost and Sullivan, “Automative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Growth Insights", October 2018