A new approach is needed to outpace competition for customer love

An integrated, open platform focuses your talent on creating personalized customer experiences, online and offline, across the customer experience lifecycle. Gain the advantage with AI helping you make smarter decisions faster, every step of the way — from audience engagement, to conversion, to fulfillment, and back to an engaged target and advocacy.


Deliver seamless, personalized, omnichannel experiences

Really know your customers and deliver contextual experiences that matter.

Meet customer fulfillment expectations profitably

Orchestrate flexible fulfillment that protects your profit margin.

Be better than the last best experience the customer had

Bring data and behavior together across channels, so you can deliver better customer experiences.

Innovate faster to differentiate your brand

Create custom brand experiences that increase conversions.

Keep pace with trending fulfillment options

Provide fulfillment as good or better than the competition with an advanced order fulfillment platform.

Your content is useless if you can't find it

Tag, find and manage omnichannel assets in even the largest repositories.

Product spotlight

Omnichannel commerce

Get the real-time customer and business insight you need to deliver seamless and consistent omnichannel experiences with contextually relevant content, marketing, and promotions for both B2C and B2B selling models.

Order management and fulfillment

Deliver the perfect order every time with intelligent omnichannel fulfillment. Cognitive sourcing and fulfillment logic optimizes inventory utilization and fulfillment efficiencies in real time.

Digital experience

Empowers business owners to deliver personalized content to the right target, at the right moment. You can drive conversion rates — across web, mobile and hybrid apps — without relying on IT.