Supported devices in IBM Storage Insights

Find out which storage devices and products that you can monitor with IBM® Storage Insights.

Storage systems

In IBM Storage Insights, you can monitor IBM block storage only. In IBM Storage Insights Pro, you can monitor IBM block storage, and the following additional storage:
* Support for Call Home with cloud services: Storage systems that run IBM Spectrum® Virtualize 8.5.3 and later and have 128 GB or more of system memory can be integrated with IBM Storage Insights by using Call Home with cloud services. For more information about Call Home with cloud services, see Enabling Call Home with cloud services.
Restriction: IBM Storage Insights doesn't support monitoring non-IBM software-defined storage devices. However, it can monitor IBM software-defined storage devices, such as IBM SAN Volume Controller. For a list of storage devices and their firmware versions that can be monitored, check out

Fabrics and switches

To monitor fabrics and switches in IBM Storage Insights Pro and IBM Storage Insights, you can add the following types of switches:
  • Brocade
  • Cisco
For a complete list of the supported switches, see

VMware vCenter Server

You can monitor the following VMware vCenter Server components with IBM Storage Insights:
  • ESXi hosts of version 6.5 or later
  • Virtual machines on ESXi hosts

Data collectors and web browsers

For information about the supported operating systems for data collectors and the web browsers that you can use with IBM Storage Insights, see .

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