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IBM Storage Insights - Data Collectors and Web Browsers

Detailed System Requirements


For IBM Storage Insights, what are the hardware requirements and supported operating systems for data collectors? What are the supported web browsers?



Data Collectors

Data collectors are lightweight applications that are deployed on servers or virtual machines in your data centers. Data collectors collect capacity, configuration, and performance metadata and stream that metadata for analysis over HTTPS connections to your unique instance of IBM Storage Insights.

Data collector requirements: Provide at least 1 GB of RAM and 3 GB of disk space.

Operating system Supported
Windows Server 2012 and later Yes
POWER6 or later systems with AIX versions 7.x and later Yes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and later versions on x86-64 only Yes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x on PPC64LE (POWER8 only) Yes
CentOS Linux 7 and later versions on x86-64 only Yes

For more information about data collectors, including best practices for deployments, check out Managing data collectors in the IBM Knowledge Center.

Web Browsers

For more detail about the supported web browsers, see the  Web Browsers page.

Browser Supported
Google Chrome Yes (details)
Microsoft Edge Yes (details)
Microsoft Internet Explorer No
Mozilla Firefox / Firefox ESR Yes (details)
Safari  Yes (details)

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08 February 2022