Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Version 1.1.7

This document describes a quick and simple way to install IBM® Cloud Application Business Insights.

National Language Version: To get the Quick Start Guide in other languages, print the language-specific PDF from the software media.


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About this task

Product overview

Use IBM Cloud Application Business Insights to create and deploy dashboards that connect to different data sources. You can share your business dashboards with line-of-business managers, DevOps, and Operation teams to analyze key metrics.

You can schedule the dashboards to run at a specific time and send them as an email attachment to anyone in your organization to be viewed offline. The key components of Cloud Application Business Insights are Dashboard Designer, Engine, and Connector.

Dashboard Designer is a web-based, dashboard builder, software application. Engine is a web-based, dashboard visualization, software application. With the built-in connector framework, data extraction from IBM products and other products for creation of consolidated dashboards becomes simple.

Currently, you can install the Cloud Application Business Insights application on premises alone.


  1. Access the software and documentation
    Download the installation images for on-premises installation from IBM Passport Advantage® website. For information about electronic image part numbers, see Download instructions.
  2. Evaluate the hardware and system configuration
    Currently, Cloud Application Business Insights is supported on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® version 8.x (x86-64), and on IBM Power® (LE) 64-bit version 8.x and later versions.

    For more information about the hardware and software requirements, see System requirements. Or, see Software Product Compatibility Reports and search for IBM Cloud Application Business Insights.

  3. Installation and configuration
    On-premises installation
    1. Install the single image available for on-premises installation. All the default components that are required for the application such as WebSphere® Application Server Liberty, PostgreSQL database, and all the Connectors are installed.

      For more information, see Installing on premises.

    2. Install IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management - Monitoring Data Collector only if you want to connect to Monitoring data sources. See Installing the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management - Monitoring Data Collector.
  4. Get started
    After you install Cloud Application Business Insights, the application administrators can complete the following steps:

What to do next

More information

For information about Cloud Application Business Insights, see IBM Cloud Application Business Insights on IBM Documentation

For setting chart properties, see Setting Chart Properties topic on IBM Support.