User administration

Use the role-based and group-based access control options to create users and assign user roles and groups to them. User roles enable users to perform different tasks on the Cloud Application Business Insights application.

Security is based on the role and groups that are assigned to a user. A role is a group of permissions that control the actions that a user can perform on the Cloud Application Business Insights application.

During installation, a default user is added to Dashboard Designer. This default user has access to Dashboard Designer and an Engine instance. However, the user cannot access any Engine User Groups.

The default user first needs to create a System Administrator user, and then that System Administrator can grant access to the Engine user groups, to the default user.

The default user can add multiple Tool Content Groups, Engine User Groups, Dashboard Designer users, Engine users, and Cloud Application Business Insights users.

The default user can assign only one user role to each user and an Engine instance, but can assign multiple Tool Content Groups and Engine User Groups to each user.