IBM® OpenPages® with Watson

Deliver a holistic, integrated view of risk across your business

With IBM OpenPages you can deliver just-in-time information to your users, enabling them to make more risk-aware decisions in their day-to-day work. OpenPages is built to support agile development for rapid time-to-value using a common data model.

A scalable GRC platform that grows with you as your use case matures, leverage OpenPages comprehensive data integration toolset, and advanced analytics and AI capabilities. Drive down costs and manage risks with agility and flexibility. 

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How it works

Dynamic dashboards

Screenshot of dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboards

Dashboards support improved productivity and risk management. Administrators and users can customize views, visualizations, widgets, task tabs and landing page options based on responsibilities.

Embedded workflows

Screenshot of a flowchart

Embedded workflows

The workflow feature can run on a scheduled basis, on demand, or upon the creation of an object. Workflows are created and modified through the UI, which aids in new use case development.

Task-focused UI

Screenshot of dynamic dashboards

Task-focused UI

Task views enable zero-training for all lines within an organization. A task-focused user interface streamlines even complex processes and actions for users. Users can add favorites, heat-maps, sibling relationships and more, while user guidance quickly and dynamically builds key fields.

Calculation engine

Screenshot of a calculation engine

Calculation engine

Build calculations that can automatically set values for different risk related activities. For example, calculate the inherent risk behind control effectiveness and map key risk indicators (KRIs).

Single data repository

Screenshot of a flowchart

Single data repository

Standardized libraries, comprehensive REST APIs, and a single data model ensure consistent view of risk and compliance to prevent human error and data inconsistencies.

IBM OpenPages with Watson data partner network

Strategic partnerships with industry leading data providers. REST API connectors standardize the transfer of partner data directly into OpenPages

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See our product modules

Automate your GRC processes with ease

IBM OpenPages with Watson offers you the capability to deploy domain-targeted product modules to meet specific risk and compliance challenges. Choose the product modules you need within a single integrated environment.

Operational Risk Management

Automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and managing operational risks.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

Model Risk Governance

Demonstrate strong model governance, reporting and compliance.

IT Governance

Obtain a holistic view of IT risks and map them to business processes.

Internal Audit Management

Automate and manage internal audits and conduct broader risk and compliance management activities.

Business Continuity Management

Prepare your enterprise for business continuity and protect employees in the face of disruptive events.

Third Party Risk Management

Mitigate risks and improve business results with each of your vendors.

Policy Management

Keep your policies and procedures up to date with your internal and external obligations.

Financial Controls Management

Reduce costs and complexity of complying with Sarbanes-Oxley and similar financial reporting regulations.

Data Privacy Management

Break down silos between IT and compliance for complete data privacy and governance.