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What IBM FlashSystem 9200 can do for your business

IBM® FlashSystem® 9200 combines the performance of flash and end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology, the ultra-low latency of Storage Class Memory (SCM), the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and AI predictive storage management and proactive support by Storage Insights™— all in a powerful 2U enterprise-class, blazing fast storage all-flash array. Providing intensive data driven hybrid cloud storage capacity, FlashSystem 9200 allows you to easily add in the hybrid cloud solutions that best support your most critical demands.

IBM FlashSystem 9200 Benefits

Accelerate business execution

Unlock the value of your data and accelerate business execution with end-to-end NVMe-powered IBM FlashCore technology and SCM support for even lower latency.

Increase ROI

Transform IT infrastructure while increasing ROI by leveraging the power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize to extend a rich set of data services across all your storage systems.

Optimize storage efficiency

AI-powered IBM Storage Insights uses predictive analytics to optimize storage and networking, delivering proactive capabilities to streamline support.

Hybrid cloud enabled

Enable enterprises across public, private, and traditional environments. Grow your hybrid cloud with the flexibility to start small and scale up as business demands or client adoption grows.

Deploy with confidence

Increase cost-efficiency and deploy leading-edge storage solutions with confidence thanks to IBM FlashWatch and IBM Storage Utility programs.

Protect against cyber threats

Gain an additional line of data defense against ransomware with immutable and isolated copies that can be quickly recovered following an attack.

Better way to grow

Buy a FlashSystem 9200 and virtualize your existing storage at no additional cost.

Key features of IBM FlashSystem 9200

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize

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IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides the data services foundation for IBM FlashSystem 9200. Its industry-leading capabilities include a wide range of data services that can be extended to more than 500 IBM and non-IBM heterogeneous storage systems: automated data movement, synchronous and asynchronous copy services either on-premises or to the public cloud, high availability configurations, storage tiering and data reduction technologies including deduplication, among many others.

Modernize your business with end-to-end NVMe

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IBM FlashSystem 9200 is NVMe-optimized, with support for NVMe over fabrics for the highest end-to-end storage performance. NVMe flash drives accelerate workloads and lower storage latency to accelerate application performance and business productivity. IBM FlashCore innovations include a hardware-accelerated NVM architecture and advanced flash management features that not only increase flash endurance, but also accelerate performance while reducing latency. IBM FlashSystem 9200 also supports iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER), a new option to deliver high performance over lower cost Ethernet networks.

Data resilience is of critical importance in the digital era. You need to be protected from and able to quickly recover from data destructive events of any kind, including natural disasters, cyber-attacks and human error. IBM FlashSystem 9200, built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, provides the ultimate in data resilience with high availability, business continuance and data security features including non disruptive data migration and remote mirroring using IBM HyperSwap technology, a 100% data availability guarantee or “six nines” availability, isolated and immutable copies with Safeguarded Copy, hardware-accelerated data-at-rest encryption and more.

AI-driven management and proactive support

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IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Storage Insights monitors the health, capacity and performance for IBM block storage and external storage under management and networking from Broadcom and Cisco on a single pane of glass. Using predictive AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, it helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

Capabilities that can be deployed across hybrid cloud

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Available on IBM Cloud and AWS, IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud works together with IBM FlashSystem 9200 to deliver consistent data management between on-premises storage and public cloud. Move data and applications between on-premises and public cloud, implement new DevOps strategies, use public cloud for disaster recovery without the cost of a second data center, or improve cyber resiliency with “air gap” cloud snapshots.

Bringing enterprise services to containers

IBM FlashSystem 9200 delivers the performance, data efficiency, protection, and agility your containers deserve, bringing enterprise storage services to your container environment to help you exceed your business goals. Engineered to open standards with support for CSI and featuring block, file and object storage resources. Enabling you to build and deploy enterprise class scale-out microservices with the productivity, security and enterprise availability that only IBM can bring you.

Data reduction options

Improve efficiency with data reduction pools that feature block deduplication and compression. In addition, SCSI UNMAP, which allows you to free storage space upon deletion of extraneous data. IBM FlashSystem 9200 offers data reduction enabling to deliver higher performance for compressed data. The benefits include reduced acquisition cost, reduced rack space, and lower power and cooling costs throughout the lifetime of the system.

IBM Easy Tier®

IBM Easy Tier provides automatic migration of frequently accessed data elements to high-performing flash storage. You can balance performance needs against infrastructure costs in a tiered storage environment.

Peace of mind with IBM FlashWatch

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IBM FlashWatch guarantees provide outstanding peace of mind for IBM FlashSystem 9200, since every implementation includes a package of guarantees, upgrade programs and extended support options that can help lower deployment and operational risks, reduce maintenance outlays and enhance infrastructure, among many other benefits. Included in the "FlashWatch" programs are the IBM data reduction guarantee, the IBM availability guarantee, Storage Expert Care support, along with the flash endurance guarantee and others.

IBM Storage Expert Care

IBM Storage Expert Care Premium service and support is simple. Get exclusive benefits such as a dedicated Technical Account Manager, access to IBM Storage Insights Pro, remote code loads and even faster response times with predictable and upfront pricing that is a fixed percentage of the system cost.

Extended system capabilities

IBM FlashSystem 9200 base configurations and system capabilities can easily be extended by adding IBM Spectrum Storage components in one or more of three solutions: Data Reuse, Protection and Efficiency solution; Business Continuity and Data Reuse solution; or Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution. All three solutions have validated blueprints to lower risks, speed deployment and increase return on investment.

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