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Narrative and strategy

Start by putting your audience at the center of the story. Their wants and needs should drive the story’s progression.

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Creating narrative-driven experiences

The narrative arc captures the attendee journey in a traditional format, first establishing the industry landscape and identifying opportunities for raising understanding. Every experience will have unique content, but this framework will provide a consistent structure for our messaging.

Understanding the landscape

My customers are more demanding than ever—they expect custom experiences, wherever they are, whenever they want. My company is struggling to keep up with that demand while innovating to win customer advocates and beat disruptive start-ups. They need a hero; could it be me?

Define the challenge

It’s time to move on from talking about digital reinvention to actually doing it. I need a partner that understands my business and the landscape I’m working in, one that will help me and my company progress.

Increase understanding

I see IBM clients in my industry using the power of technology to change the way business is done and to ultimately enhance their customers’ lives. It’s not just talk—it’s happening now.

Aid discovery

IBM will meet me where I am in my journey to digital transformation. They can help me harness the power of my data with AI, establish and maintain a Cloud that works for my business, and also help secure my systems to the core.

Make personal connections

I can see myself reinventing my business with IBM at my side. I know I can change my company, my industry and maybe the world!

Create lasting impressions

I will partner with IBM to digitally transform my company, so we can create products and services that win new customers and make advocates of our existing customers.

Roles and responsibilities

IBM Event Marketers

IBM Event Marketers will set the foundation for narrative-driven event experiences by populating a creative brief at the onset of each project, including key elements of audience segmentation and desired audience action.

The creative brief will support Agency Partners in narrative creation and recommendations for activation touchpoints, locations, human interactions and engagement modes.

Agency Partners

Agency Partners will work from the audience insights uncovered from the creative brief to recommend the most effective use of elements to build a compelling event experience. Design partners will leverage IBM Design language and this toolkit to ensure the event is on-brand.

This is an iterative, co-creative effort that requires all parties to seek content, with access to subject matter experts and additional elements to ensure the story is most effectively told.