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Furniture choices are the most tactile aspect of our event experiences. They can influence dwell time and support specific engagement modes. Furniture should largely support functional requirements and align with our overall visual language. While rental options vary across regions, selections should be contemporary with a mid-century modern aesthetic. Emphasize clean lines and neutral shades. There are three furniture types: primary, accent, and custom.

Bright event space with white chairs
Bright interior with wooden bar charis on a counter
Close-up of black chair in front of white background
Interior shot of IBM US Open event with dark chairs
Bright interior with light gray and dark green chairs
Close-up of gray chair on white table
Top view of six yellow chairs on a bright gray table
Bright interior with two blue chairs
Top view on groups of glass tables with wooden chairs in industrial environment
Minimalistic white chairs in bright setting
White chairs and black side tables facing stage in blue environment of event


The following sections feature a range of neutral, contemporary furniture recommended for use in environments like Think Tanks, workshops, theaters, networking and lounge areas. 





Modular soft seating

Modular soft seating




Accent furniture is recommended to add pops of color, texture and personality to your environment. Be selective and use these elements minimally. 

Accent furniture


A system of custom-fabricated furniture is available for use in North America. The examples here demonstrate the style and materials that we want to use at all experiences.

Rendering of stage platforms, seating

Stage platforms, seating

Rendering of workshop-style tables

Workshop-style tables

Rendering of storage pedestals

Storage pedestals

Rendering of  welcome/demo counters

Welcome/Demo counters