What is IBM App Connect?

IBM App Connect allows you to simply connect applications and data across all of your environments. By supporting a wide range of integration styles from traditional SOA to modern event, API, and microservices-based, IBM App Connect provides a single integration tool for your entire business. The award-winning designer experience gives you the option of leveraging hundreds of secure pre-built connectors and robust integration features to satisfy even the most complex enterprise requirements. With the ability to be deployed in any cloud or on-premises system, you have the flexibility to run an integration solution close to your applications wherever you need.

IBM App Connect empowers your business to connect all of your data in a way that is simple, fast and secure. 

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IBM App Connect can help you:

Integrate data

Integrate data

Copy and synchronize data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, solving for mismatched sources, data formats and standards.

Build APIs

Build APIs

Access, transform and combine data across all your enterprise applications, databases, and systems to expose your data assets as APIs.

Act on events

Act on events

Recognize when events occur in source applications across your ecosystem to immediately trigger the right business action.

Microservice, lightweight and agile runtime

If you’re moving into the world of building microservice architectures to take advantage of elastic scalability, rapid build and deployment, and greater resilience, your teams can utilize the power of IBM App Connect, safe in the knowledge that our range of deployment options allow you to run your integrations in an agile integration architecture, supporting a 12-factor application model.

Cloud Integration for Salesforce

Combine data from across and outside of your organization, with the data maintained within your Salesforce platform to gain a fuller, more contextual view of your customers. App Connect has built in connectors to integrate your Salesforce instance with your most critical systems like ERP, marketing, accounts payable.

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