Onboard faster

By migrating electronic data interchange (EDI) services to a single cloud platform, the company cuts operational costs, offers greater than 99 percent EDI availability, and faster onboarding for new trading partners.



Watts Water delivers on its promise to the business with an ROI of 7 months.¹

Streamline processing

43 percent of B2B systems have technical limitations preventing full automation.


of B2B systems

Rosenthal & Rosenthal shares how B2B Cloud Services enables “highly responsive services for all clients” and “reduce processing times by 75 percent.”²

Gain insight

76 percent of executives report needing more real-time visibility into business processes.


of executives

Bonnie Plants drives real-time visibility into inventory and anticipates individual store needs.²

Drive down costs

The decision to outsource our B2B was simple because we knew the return on investment would occur instantly. The Sterling Commerce solution was 90 percent less expensive than our in-house option.


less expensive

Hirschvogel cuts costs, drives collaboration and realizes a rapid ROI for their global operations.³

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  1. Cliff Markell, Director Global IT Architecture, Watts Water Technologies, Inc.
  2. Vanson Bourne B2B and MFT Global Study, 2015
  3. Nico Schuetz, Lead IT Technician - Hirschvogel Inc.