Anticipate December shopping behavior

Throughout the year and especially during the holidays, IBM works with retailers to synthesize customer behavior data and the forces that influence it.

See the big data reveal from this Thanksgiving weekend and discover how the analyses can help inform the rest of the holiday shopping season.

Five ways retailers can win the holidays

Using new data sources and AI, retailers can be prepared to deepen customer engagement this holiday season and beyond. Adopt these five data-driven strategies to start innovating and achieving your full potential.

Bridge digital and physical experiences

Combine in-store and online data to simplify your customers’ journeys and convert browsers into buyers.

Build intuitive campaigns

Offer geo-aware promotions tailored to the perfect moment. Beacons and cognitive location data can help deliver ultra-targeted messages that motivate customers to take action.

Make more promises – and increase profitability

By optimizing your order fulfillment with accurate, real-time global inventory visibility, you can have happy customers while minimizing your cost to serve.

With AI-driven fulfillment optimization, one leading retailer saved $20M in shipping costs during their 6-week holiday season.

Predict the future to improve your impact

Outsmart competitors with real-time, insights-driven recommendations to resolve customer struggle, boost conversion and maximize profit.

Alleviate shopper pain-points

Identify reasons why customers leave your mobile app or site without purchase, so you can fix root issues and serve up enticing offers that re-engage.

Grow conversion, reduce attrition

Want to know which shoppers are ready to buy? How about the ones you’re about to lose? Predict customer decisions, so you can reach out to them before they act.

Maximize profit in every customer interaction

Constantly track shifts in competitive pricing, product demand and market conditions to make real-time adjustments that keep you at the top of your game.

Anticipate how weather impacts behavior

With data intelligence about weather, location and customer preferences, you can understand customer behavior and tailor messages throughout their entire shopping experience. In rain or shine, from entering to leaving the store, know when and how to best engage your customer.

With Watson Customer Experience Analytics one organization saw an uplift of $35 to $40 million in revenue by fixing issues.

Market in the moments that matter

Understand your audience and deliver personalized content and offers, converting them with the speed of now.

Capitalize on opportunities for direct communication

Meet each customer in the moment, and make every interaction an informed conversation. Know exactly what your shopper is doing, so you can optimize live customer engagement for higher conversion, lifetime value and retention.

Set up store associates for success

Give store associates insights into each customer’s history with the brand, so they can connect with shoppers meaningfully as soon as they arrive.

Give your shoppers the power to choose

Let your customers control how they receive or return their order, whether in-store, online or a combination thereof. Gain more cost-effective and efficient transactions, while keeping your customers happy.

With IBM Store Engagement, retailers saw $30 more spent per store visit.


more per visit

Discover the best path to purchase

Drive sales by connecting data across all sources and creating a cohesive picture of omnichannel customer journeys.

Keep shoppers on track

To keep all customers on the path to purchase, visualize the journeys taken by your top customers and see how behavior in various channels leads to higher sales and conversions.

Surface deep insights in minutes

Gain deeper insights into the design, usability and performance of your customer experience and uncover valuable opportunities to engage.

Reinvent customer experience

Partner with iX to to define your strategy, create exceptional experiences, and build your business, by design.

Streamlined customer journeys are a powerful way to attract incremental sales.

—Mike Starkey, SVP, Information Systems, Performance Bicycle

Get alerted to high-impact situations

Get notified about issues as soon as they arise, so you can fix them before they affect customers. 

Transform disruptions into opportunities

When there’s an issue with supply chain, don’t let it negatively affect your business. Get real-time alerts, so when there’s a problem, you can adjust promotions and optimize customer experience.

Understand changes in real time

Know the exact moment critical KPIs — like engagement rate — shift. Get guidance on how to respond.

With Watson, IBM cut data retrieval times by more than 75% and saved $40M in inventory and freight costs.

More holiday resources

Deliver a personalized experience

Creating a customized shopping journey can be as simple as integrating the right technology. For online luxury fashion retailer Yoox Net-a-Porter, partnering with Watson empowered them to tailor relevant marketing and promotions and use cognitive search to provide an engaged dialogue with their customers.

Maximize holiday profits

When planning a seasonal strategy, it’s important to account for the critical factors that influence consumer behavior. Get the 2017 Retail Holiday Playbook to learn how incorporating weather data can help you maximize holiday profits.

Digitize the offline experience

In-store innovations will help transform the physical shopping experience. From combining AI with IoT sensors in a fitting room to mobile apps that can navigate to an exact in-store location, the makeover of the customer journey will come in many forms.

Take advantage of automation

Retailer Mud Pie created its most successful campaign by combining data reminders with purchase incentives. Utilizing IBM, their “Important Occasion” initiative achieved a 5% conversion rate and a 31% click through rate