IBM Tealeaf in action

Watch the demo video to see how easy it can be to get the insights you need to optimize digital customer experiences. Drill down into any session to find customer challenges, and identify root causes for resolution.

5 ways to increase conversion and adoption rates

How can you keep users clicking through their journeys? Read the white paper to learn 5 ways you can refine and improve customer experiences to increase conversion and adoption rates.

5 ways to optimize your mobile applications

Why do mobile customers abandon their journeys? Read the white paper to see 5 customer experience best practices that can help you keep your mobile customers engaged and happy.

IBM Tealeaf is already at work in leading companies across industries

of the 10 top banks.

of the 12 most booked travel portals.

of property and casualty insurance companies in North America.

See things from the customer perspective, optimize your digital experience

Discover areas where your customers are struggling to complete their goals and see exactly why your customers are abandoning your digital channels. Quantify impact to revenue and quickly prioritize and resolve issues to improve conversion, adoption and customer satisfaction.

Air France

“The customer-experience insights that we are getting are invaluable, and they are helping us to make deep improvements to our e-commerce sites.”

— Luc Behar, Digital Experience and Performance Director, Air France

Dollar Bank

“IBM Tealeaf is a unique technology that helps us provide a high level of service to our customers. It is instrumental to the success of our business.”

— Pamela A. Dancisin, VP of Marketing, Dollar Bank

Airlines Reporting Corporation

“For the first time, we have the ability to anticipate customer issues and solve them ahead of time. People have joked that we’re clairvoyant because we’ve called to tell them that we’ve fixed an issue before they have even reported it.”

— Michael Tarajos, Enterprise Technical Solutions Engineer, Airlines Reporting Corporation

Customer experience goes right to the bottom line

On your site or on your mobile apps, your customers deserve a flawless customer experience. In a competitive marketplace your business has to deliver. See what works, what doesn’t, and how you can fix it to create quality experiences that turn visitors into customers and keep your customers coming back.

Reveal behavior trends

Analyze customer behavior data to reveal broader trends for customer interaction with your web site or mobile app. Find trouble spots and opportunities for improvement.

Understand customer issues

Gain a customer perspective with session replay to pinpoint exactly when and where users are struggling. See how users respond to the issue and how you can help them.

Identify root causes

Quickly drill down to find the root causes of customer issues without having to dig through and analyze mountains of data. See exactly what is wrong to resolve issues faster and more effectively.

Optimize usability

Go beyond function and malfunction to understand how elements of your site or app impact usability. Refine the customer journey to give users experiences that drive conversions.

Satisfy customers and support revenue

See which performance and usability issues are costing your company the most money. Prioritize the fixes and enhancements that matter most to your customers and to your bottom line.

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