Deliver customer and market insights right where they’re needed—on your site

A day in the life of a digital merchandiser

See how Watson Commerce Insights helps Olivia become an online merchandising star by giving her the power of analytics at her fingertips.

Three ways e-commerce will change forever with cognitive commerce

See how cognitive commerce is changing the paradigm for how online merchandisers and marketers work.

Start understanding markets, customers and context in a whole new way

Our planners and web merchants are experts on the categories of products that we sell, but they often find themselves caught up handling day to day operations and sometimes aren’t able to react quickly to opportunities that occur in the market.

—Clothing manufacturer and retailer

Take direct action based on real-time customer and business insights

Commerce Insights gives online merchandisers the ability to explore commerce data in new ways, through natural language and visualizations. Apply cognitive principals to deliver customer and market insights aligned with your product and web content.

Business Insight

Operate in real time. Respond faster to customer behavior, market opportunities and competitive threats by gathering powerful analytics into a single, integrated view.

Prescriptive Actions

Look before you leap. Transform insights into increased sales with prescriptions for the “next best” actions that inspire.

Immediate Results

See business results. Examine every action in context and understand the implications of your actions against revenue goals and margins.

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