GSA T's & C's

Access descriptions of warranties, purchase and leasing terms, maintenance and repair, services, and more. Indexed for easy reference in PDF format.


Information on ordering offices



Appendix A – Overseas information (PDF, 26KB)

Appendix B - RESERVE

Appendix C – I/T service charges (PDF, 965KB)

Appendix C.1 – Cyber Security (PDF, 997 KB)

Appendix C.2 – Health IT Rates (PDF, 848 KB)

Appendix C.3 – Labor Rates for Cloud Labor (PDF, 664KB)

Appendix D – Service offerings (PDF, 111KB)

Appendix H Reserved




Appendix E Warranty periods - Please see – Hardware price list

Appendix F – Maintenance availability status (PDF, 136KB)

Appendix G – Designated machines for graduated charges (PDF, 141KB)

Appendix I Single version charging: – Terms (PDF, 12.6KB) or – Product listing (PDF, 199KB)

Appendix J – PR/SM charge option (PDF, 24KB)

Appendix K – Measured usage license charge usage bands (PDF, 19.9KB)

Appendix L – Parallel sysplex license charges (PDF, 27.2KB)

Appendix M – IBM eServer #174; Series usage pricing charges (PDF, 17.7KB)

Appendix N – s/390 usage pricing charges (PDF, 13.7KB)

Appendix O – zSeries 800 software license charges (PDF, 18.8KB)

Appendix P – For calculation of z/TFP MSUs (PDF, 23.6KB)

Appendix Q – IBM System z Advanced Workload License Charges (PDF, 43.7KB)

Appendix R – zNALC License Charges on IBM System z (PDF, 25.6KB)