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  1. […] part of the new BPM 8.5.7 cumulative fix, we have a new technical tutorial video by Neil Kolban on using the new external services with REST capability step by step. It helps you […]

  2. Easier to develop now that type of integrtions.
    When you imported the yaml file you said it created a server definition. Where is that variable stored and exposed ?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Kolban,

    Thank you for sharing this new functionality. I am trying to implement same, but I got below error. Could you please help me.

    [11/19/16 21:21:55:180 GMT] 00000271 EJBWorkflowMa E com.lombardisoftware.server.ejb.workflow.EJBWorkflowManagerBean doResumeWorkflowEngine CWLLG0594E: An exception occurred while initializing the runnable thread. Error: {0}
    com.lombardisoftware.component.common.workflow.WorkflowProcessItemException: CWXSD1007E: Media type is not supported: application/json

    at com.lombardisoftware.component.common.workflow.ExecutionJob.doJob(ExecutionJob.java:516)

    • Hi, Ameer.

      I forwarded your question to Neil Kolban. He should respond soon.

      All the best,

  4. Howdy Ameer,
    No idea without seeing it in context. Send me an email to kolban@us.ibm.com with as many details as possible and we can start to look into it. Also, the latest release of IBM BPM now have 1st class support for making outbound REST requests built into the product. If you have access to the latest BPM I would strongly encourage you to use the formally architected and supported capabilities rather than this sample.

  5. Hi Kolban,
    is the a way that I follow to convert toolkit or existing rest serice to .yami file?
    im trying to implent the samething with the existing rest service, I dont want to create variables from scratch.


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