Commerce evolved for the cognitive era

Infinite data means endless opportunity—but it takes a new approach to harness that potential. Fueled by real-time insights and the cognitive power of IBM Watson, IBM Commerce solutions reason and learn to help you optimize marketing, sales and value chain services. Know what your customers want before they do. Understand nuances of tone, sentiment and environmental conditions to engage customers on a human level. Deliver the right experience at the perfect moment to delight customers and inspire lifelong advocacy. Forecast the future and integrate with partners and suppliers to create a synchronized, predictive value chain. And do it all in real time, at the same time. That’s the power of cognitive commerce.

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Customer engagement

Engage customers on a deeper, human level. Delight them with the right experience at the perfect moment to build unbreakable bonds.


Partner & supplier

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“I want to know who my customers are, how they feel, and what they need.”

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“I want to create experiences that delight my customers and form unbreakable bonds.”

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eCommerce &


“I want to deliver a differentiated brand experience across all channels.”

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B2B Integration


“I want to improve information flow across my business relationships.”

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“I want to collaborate with suppliers to offer my customers the best value.”

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“I want to ensure trusted experiences by processing payments quickly and securely.”

Partner & supplier engagement

Move beyond responsiveness to a synchronized, predictive value chain that mitigates risk and reveals hidden value on a global scale.

IBM Commerce Insights

Transform your online merchandising with actionable customer and market insights right on your web pages.

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Behaviour data on tap

Learn how the IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) can help you personalize your campaigns with just three clicks.

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New ways to engage

IBM Commerce is innovating new ways to grow the customer connection. Come discover the newest ways to engage.

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