Seamless customer engagement across any digital touch point

Powerful site creation tools

Business users employ user-friendly templates to create, update and publish sites quickly, without an over-reliance on IT, while IT has the confidence that the website will scale globally and in a secure manner.

Web content management

Deliver the right content at precisely the right moment in the buyer journey and manage the customer experience, all without the need for IT. Content management has never been easier with Watson helping you tag, find and more effectively use content throughout the customer experience.

Mobile optimized experiences

Deliver mobile optimized experiences and take advantage of location-based services to target mobile customers with personalized content and offers. With responsive design IBM Digital Commerce recognizes the shoppers' device type and dynamically adapts the customer experience for that device.

Marketing and promotions

Create, manage and deploy personalized marketing campaigns on your store pages, through SMS and email, or through extended brand touchpoints. With promotional messages that include price discounts, you can incent customers in ways that help you grow sales and build loyalty.

Advanced site search and navigation

Make it easy for shoppers to explore your site and find exactly what they’re looking for with automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction. You can even influence store search results with search term associations and search-based merchandising rules.