Now available as AI for IBM partners

IBM Text to Speech is now available as a containerized library for IBM partners to embed AI technology in their commercial applications.

Need a virtual assistant for voice and speech channels?

IBM Watson Text to Speech is now available as a containerized software library designed for IBM partners to embed best-in-class AI speech technology into new or enhanced applications.

Use cases

Customer self-service

Abstract image of person connected to voice, documents, and Watson

Customer self-service

Answer common call center queries using a Watson-powered virtual assistant on the phone.

Call analytics

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Call analytics

Improve call center performance by mining conversation logs to quickly and accurately identify emerging call patterns, customer complaints, sentiment, non-compliant behavior and more.

Agent assist

Abstract image of customer service agent connected to customer, search data, and Watson

Agent assist

Boost agent productivity and success with real time assistance during calls using AI-powered document and intranet search. As the agent is speaking with a customer, Watson listens in on the conversation, transcribes the audio, searches for relevant content within documentation, and feeds the answer back to the agent within seconds.


Improve user experience

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Help all customers comprehend your message by translating written text to audio.

Boost contact resolution

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Solve customer issues faster by providing key information in their native language.

Protect your data

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Enjoy the security of IBM’s world-class data governance practices.

Run it anywhere

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Support global languages and deploy on-premises or on any cloud.

Feature highlights

What sets Watson Text to Speech apart?

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