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What is IBM Streams?

IBM Streams evaluates a broad range of streaming data — unstructured text, video, audio, geospatial and sensor — helping organizations spot opportunities and risks and make decisions in real time.


IBM Streams features

Development support

Rich Eclipse-based, visual IDE lets solution architects visually build applications or use familiar programming languages like Java™, Scala or Python.

Rich data connections

Data engineers can connect with virtually any data source — whether structured, unstructured or streaming — and integrate with Hadoop, Spark and other data infrastructures.

Analysis and visualization

Built-in domain analytics — like machine learning, natural language, spatial-temporal, text, acoustics and more — to create adaptive streams applications.

IBM Streams versions

IBM Streams for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Streams for IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data delivers a platform for combining streaming and stored data with AI to build solutions that impact business decisions in real time.

IBM Streams on IBM Cloud

IBM Streams on IBM Cloud® offers most of the features of IBM Streams on an agile, cloud-based platform.

IBM Streams

IBM Streams delivers a programming language and IDE for applications, a runtime system and analytic toolkits to speed development.

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