What is IBM Streams?

IBM Streams is the premier streaming analytics engine on the market.

It was developed as a join project between the US government and IBM research back in 2003. The projects goals were to process any type of data as fast as possible and have a scalable architecture. IBM Streams first became available commercially in 2009. Since then multiple versions were released with the latest being version 4.2.

Why should I care?

Companies around the world have more and more pressure to respond to any event in real time as the amount of data needed to be processed increases exponentially. Just look at the data generated on social networks, internet of things, or weather for example.IBM Streams is listed as a leader in the latest Forrester report. It has also been adopted by the Weather Company (IBM) as a critical component of their "fabric". Also, it was selected by Walmart as their platform of choice after extensive benchmarking.

Is IBM Streams available in the cloud?

IBM Streams can run an cloud platforms, in VM images, or docker containers. It is also available as a service on IBM Cloud as the Streaming Analytics service.

How do I get started with IBM Streams?

The best way to get started is to complete the IBM Streams introductory lab available on streamsdev.

Get started on Streaming Analytics in minutes

Streaming Analytics on IBM Cloud offers most of the features of IBM Streams on an agile, cloud-based platform.