What is Watson Machine Learning?

Use your own data to create, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models. Leverage an automated, collaborative workflow to grow intelligent business applications easily and with more confidence.

Watson Machine Learning features

Machine and deep learning

Create different models and compare the results. Run automated experiments and self-learning models with an integrated Watson Machine Learning engine.

Open source technologies

Use the same Jupyter notebooks you know and love, with Python, R, and Scala. Jump-start your R experience with a free, open-source RStudio tool. Scale on demand with Apache Spark and create while you learn.

Easy visualizations

No programming required! Create machine learning models using visual modeling tools and quickly identify patterns, gain insights, and make decisions faster. Choose from IBM tools such as PixieDust and Brunel.

Watson Machine Learning benefits


Do your work in one place, without ever leaving the site.

Connect to your data

Connect to more than 30 types of data stores as part of IBM Cloud.

Community help

Harness the power of shared data sets, notebooks, articles, and more.

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