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Cloud Service Management: Why Machine Learning Is now Essential

Manage Private Clouds and Multicloud Environment Using Machine Learning for Ops Management

What is IT operations analytics?

IT operations analytics (ITOA) turns terabytes of operational data into understandable, actionable insights for more effective and efficient problem resolution. With IBM’s solution for AI operations, you can detect early patterns of data that predict issues before they arise and proactively stop outages to better support the transformation in your business.

Why ITOA from IBM?

IT operations analytics offerings from IBM — together with IBM Watson® — continuously learn, anticipate and adjust, and recommend action unlike virtually any other ITOA solution in the marketplace.

Proven benefits

Dramatically reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) over traditional systems

Gain cognitive insights from log, event and performance analytics to significantly reduce MTTR over traditional systems, and alert users of issues that traditional monitoring simply cannot detect.

Improve operational efficiency with machine learning and automation

Substantially reduce the number of events over traditional systems using event analytics. Establish and maintain thresholds across IT applications and resources while achieving more-effective monitoring.

Avoid outages proactively and greatly increase mean time between failures

Avoid issues, rather than react to them. Cognitive analytics-driven insights help resolve problems faster and enable proactive practices so operations teams can greatly reduce service-impacting incidents.

ITOA solutions from IBM

IBM Operations Analytics
Turn terabytes of big operational data into understandable and actionable insights for quicker problem solving and better service.

IBM Netcool® Operations Insight
Use real-time and historical analytics to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business.

IBM Cloud™ Event Management
Restore service and resolve operations incidents quickly from the cloud.

IBM Cloud Management for hybrid deployment
Gain end-to-end visibility, control and automation to manage applications, infrastructure, services and workloads. Get insights for smarter management and business decisions across cloud.


Learn how to optimize operational insights into application and infrastructure behaviors.

Get deeper and proactive insights into your underlying IT infrastructure to boost operational performance and availability.

Cognitive machine learning-based ITOA solutions from IBM can dramatically accelerate value for IT operations.

Empower your IT operations to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business services.

Discover why IBM believes adaptive automation, delivered through innovative machine learning, is essential for cloud service management at scale.

Learn how the integrations for IBM Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights and IBM Netcool Operations Insights have been extended to include IBM Cloud Private and how easy it is to deploy them.

Consolidated Communications prevents all major incidents

By implementing IBM software to manage a network spanning six states, Consolidated Communications saves an estimated $600,000 annually from operational efficiency gains.

Chris Smith, Director, Tools and Automation, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.

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