Learn how to build an iOS-native mobile app that enables push notifications. Adding push to your apps allows your users to receive important information fast—on new features, tips or upcoming events.

Build your application in Swift—Apple’s proprietary iOS development language. Leverage push functions that scale plus powerful analytics that monitor app performance and usage. Submit the app for Apple’s review, then configure notifications to deliver vital data to users.

Estimated time: 60 minutes

Number of steps: 49

iOS App Architecture

What you’ll accomplish

In this project, you will: 

  • Build a full-featured iOS mobile app using Swift
  • Provision a push notification server
  • Configure the client SDK
  • Manually trigger push notifications to users and monitor the results
  • Track the performance and health of your app with cloud-based monitoring

What you’ll need before starting

This tutorial uses the following runtimes and services:

  • IBM Push Notifications for IBM Cloud™
  • IBM Mobile Analytics for IBM Cloud

Build a push-enabled iOS application

Use Swift to build an iOS app that pushes information to users and leverages built-in analytics to provide insight into app performance and resource needs.

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