What is DevOps Insights?

Enhance applications and DevOps processes using built-in dashboards and data reporting services to learn where you most need to improve developer productivity, code quality, and delivery cycle times.

DevOps Insights features

Developer Insights

Enhance your code reviews by using team and codebase analytics to identify error-prone files.

Team Dynamics

Find and fix the practices that keep your team from getting work done by using social coding analysis.

Deployment Risk

Assess and enforce quality and control across your delivery pipelines by using automated data collection, risk analysis, and policy gates.

Delivery Insights

View deployment metrics and dashboards about your continuous delivery process by using IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

How customers use it

Fast Feedback

What failed? What was successful? What environments are impacted? Find out instantly.

Fast Feedback diagram

Quality Assurance

Are we building and promoting, tested, verified, high quality software? Automatically flag low quality changes.

Quality Assurance diagram


Are we growing culture within our organization? How many teams and applications are following enterprise best practices?

Adoption diagram


Who, what, when, where, and how? Generate an audit report on the of your delivery pipeline, straight to PDF.

Audits diagram

Calculate ROI

C level execs can determine their ROI based on current deployment times and throughput.

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