What is DevOps Insights?

DevOps Insights is a cloud-based solution that provides comprehensive insights from popular continuous integration and continuous delivery tools to increase the speed, quality and control of your applications. View test results and trend information about your builds, deployments and tests to understand changes over time. Ensure that quality code is delivered to production through the enforcement of policies. Explore the code and team dynamics feature, to help you understand better how your team interacts and to improve the quality of code that they produce. 

DevOps Insights features

Deployment risk assessment

Create policies to ensure that risky code is not deployed to production.

Quality trends

View your test results for all applications and evaluate the quality of your team's code from a single dashboard. View trends for your tests, builds and deployments to understand change over time.

Code and team dynamics

Better understand how your team interacts and improve the quality of code that is produced by identifying error-prone files.

How customers use it

Fast feedback

What failed? What was successful? What environments are impacted? Find out instantly.

Screen shot from DevOps Insights tool showing feedback

Speed with control

Are we building and promoting tested, verified, high-quality software? Automatically flag low-quality changes.

Screen shot showing quality assurance aspects of DevOps Insights


Are we growing culture within our organization? How many teams and applications are following enterprise best practices?

Screen shot showing team interaction

Understand improvements

See improvements of DevOps processes over time.

Screen shot illustrating the use of DevOps Insights to see quality trends

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