What is Compose for ScyllaDB?

IBM Compose for ScyllaDB retains compatibility with Cassandra tool and data files and adds self - tuning capabilities and benchmarks for a 10X better performance.

Compose for ScyllaDB features

Replaces Cassandra

ScyllaDB was written from the ground up in C++ which mimics the tool chain, drivers, and built-in query language, yet it’s remarkably nimble which makes it ideal as a replacement for Cassandra users looking to lower costs and improve reliability.

Built for scale

ScyllaDB requires fast IO and as much RAM as the total data size. For ScyllaDB to do its thing, it needs a good chunk of memory so we start your deployment off with 512MB RAM and 5GBs storage across 3 member nodes on an SSD backed cluster.

Easy management

Using Compose for ScyllaDB makes it even better by managing it for you by offering an easy, auto-scaling deployment system which delivers high availability and redundancy, automated no-stop backups and much more.

Compose for ScyllaDB versions

Fully-Managed ScyllaDB

Everything you need to run ScyllaDB right out of the box.

Compose Enterprise

A private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision databases with added security, isolation and performance.

Get started

Deploy a production-ready, cloud-hosted ScyllaDB database in just minutes