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What is IBM Compose?

Compose offers fully - managed, hosted databases to run your apps, analytics, and APIs. Database options include MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, etcd, ScyllaDB, JanusGraph and RethinkDB.

Compose features

The Compose Platform

You can pick the right tools for the job and get rock-solid reliability and comprehensive support. Get started in minutes.

Always-on Support

We take support seriously. All of our plan levels include 24/7 email access to our team of database engineers to help troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Built-in reliability & redundancy

Your databases stay up and running, no matter what happens with auto-failover and redundancy. Plus, daily, weekly, and monthly backups are included, without affecting your database performance.

Compose versions

Fully-managed Compose

Everything you need to deploy and run production-ready, cloud-hosted databases

Compose Enterprise

A private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision databases with added security, isolation and performance.

Get started on Compose in minutes

Spin up all your databases in minutes