Watch: Partnering to Drive Telco Cloud Network Automation — Palo Alto Networks and IBM

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“Security automation is truly fundamental as we look toward the significant transformation that 5G brings forward.” — Sree Koratala, VP of Product Management for Mobility Security, Palo Alto Networks

5G presents an incredible opportunity for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). However, as telco cloud, AI and automation become fundamental elements to digital transformation driven by 5G, addressing cybersecurity risks is a key concern.

5G is optimized for cloud native architecture, including emerging open radio access networks (Open RAN), driving the need to secure the cloud infrastructure and applications. Another aspect accelerating AI and automation is IoT. Think about the exponential growth of IoT devices, with 5G bringing a new level of device connectivity due to the greater density and scale.

Since 5G is expected to serve multiple industry verticals, they will expect enterprise-grade security in terms of bringing full visibility, context-driven security at scale and granular dynamic security controls. This includes the need to secure data and intelligent applications that run at the edge.

In the above video featuring Palo Alto Networks and IBM, you’ll gain additional insights and find answers to these questions:

  • What are key security concerns for 5G?
  • How does automation play in relation to 5G security?
  • What are security considerations for telco cloud, virtualization and multi-access edge computing (MEC)?

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IBM and its partner ecosystem provide the industry-specific solutions and functions that are necessary to tailor a 5G solution for CSPs:

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