Real-Time Applications Powered by Confluent and IBM Partnership

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and Confluent: A new partnership to drive innovation.

IBM is excited to partner with Confluent to offer Confluent Platform as an add-on to IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration. This allows IBM clients to take advantage of the most fully featured event streaming platform, Confluent Platform, from the original authors of Apache Kafka. Confluent Platform becomes an integrated component of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, with unified support and procurement through IBM.


The rise of event streaming and Apache Kafka

Organizations are working to become more customer-centric and start delivering more personalized, engaging experiences. One way to achieve this is by making use of real-time data during interactions with a customer. In every single business, there is a constant stream of real-time events occurring unnoticed. An event can be anything — a transaction, a click on a webpage, data emitted from a sensor or IoT device in a store, a tweet, and the list goes on. The information in these event streams can be of enormous value to many business decisions, such as unique marketing offers, customer support, fraud detection, resource scheduling, etc.

Currently, the most widely used technology for event streaming is Apache Kafka. This distributed streaming platform allows users to send, store, and request data when and where they need it. Confluent, the creators of Apache Kafka, extends Apache Kafka to be a secure, enterprise-ready platform trusted by 80% of the Fortune 100. Together, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and Confluent Platform can help you unlock and take advantage of those events to deliver critical engaging customer experiences and drive business innovation.

Confluent Platform: The most comprehensive event streaming platform

Confluent Platform is an enterprise-ready platform that complements Kafka with advanced capabilities designed to help accelerate application development, enable digital transformation, and simplify enterprise operations at scale. With over 1 million collective hours of technical experience with Kafka, Confluent is uniquely positioned to help enterprises successfully deploy event streaming at scale while reducing total cost of ownership and accelerating time to market.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: Offering AI-accelerated integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate integration creation, testing, operations, and governance across multiple styles of integration that reflect differing business needs. These include API management, application and data integration, messaging, file transfer, and events. This enables organizations to rapidly and securely connect applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to transform operations, build engaging digital experiences, and launch new business models. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, organizations can reliably scale their business with the most complete and secure integration environment, backed by world-class support and expertise.

Want to learn more?

Come join us for a joint webinar on January 12, 2021, at 10AM ET: "Build Real-Time Apps with Confluent & IBM Cloud Pak for Integration" and take a look at the announcement from CEO of Confluent, Jay Kreps. For more information, you can also get in contact with your IBM representative.

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