IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig Now Provides Visibility Across the IBM Public Cloud Portfolio

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Introducing the global expansion of IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig.

We can all agree that security and visibility greatly hinder the adoption of cloud solutions. Knowing this, IBM collaborated with the secure DevOps leader, Sysdig, in 2018 to help businesses better identify and solve issues throughout their software lifecycles with IBM Cloud Monitoring. Today, we’re proud to announce the global expansion of that cloud monitoring solution to all of IBM’s cloud services, infrastructure, and applications.

This expansion greatly improves the ability for clients to resolve bottlenecks across the IBM public cloud portfolio, including Watson, Cloud Databases, and Cloud Foundry. Best of all, users can take advantage of Sysdig’s unique capabilities—native Prometheus compatibility and the ability to monitor cloud environments at scale. This grants greater visibility into a broader range of cloud-based capabilities and is available today for new or existing servers.

Benefits of the partnership

IBM’s work with Sysdig allows IBM cloud users to accomplish the following:

  • Maximize performance: Sysdig performance and health monitoring give IBM public cloud users deep visibility into infrastructure, applications, and services to anticipate and prevent issues.
  • Reach resolutions faster: Sysdig collects and correlates data across IBM resources, applications, and services that run on the IBM public cloud and on-premises servers. Granular data with rich context provides a single source for insight and troubleshooting.
  • Scale Prometheus monitoring: Sysdig scales millions of metrics with long-term data retention.
  • Get started quickly: Out-of-the-box dashboards and automatic service discovery accelerate the adoption of containers and Kubernetes, including IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and our managed Red Hat OpenShift offerings.

Learn more

Sysdig is part of the IBM public cloud ecosystem, a new initiative to support GSIs and ISVs to help clients transform mission-critical applications on the IBM public cloud. Interested in learning more?

Accessing pre-build database service metrics dashboards  (1).png

Example of pre-built database service metrics dashboards.

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