Connecting IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and IBM Continuous Delivery

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Integrate the services and streamline your workflow.

Are you running apps on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and using IBM Continuous Delivery? Or, maybe you are using another continuous delivery solution and interested in the efficiency gains of IBM Continuous Delivery? 

In either case, you’ll be interested in our improved integration between the two, streamlining your build/test/deployment workflows.

A new DevOps tab in your cluster details

When you're viewing the details for a Kubernetes cluster, you'll now see a new DevOps tab. Inside of that tab, you'll see a listing of all toolchains whose delivery pipelines have deployed to that cluster, regardless of the toolchain's region. You no longer need to go into IBM Cloud DevOps, search for toolchains in a given region, then check to see if that toolchain has a pipeline that deploys to a given cluster. Once a pipeline has deployed to your cluster, a connection will automatically be created, and you'll be able to view those pipelines directly in the DevOps tab.


When viewing a particular DevOps toolchain, you will now also see a direct connection to the cluster(s) that are connected to the toolchain/delivery pipeline.


Together, these provider greater visibility into how your toolchains, pipelines, and clusters are connected.

Easily create a new DevOps toolchain

If you've already got a cluster, your application source code in a git repo, and you need to create a DevOps toolchain quickly, then just go to your cluster's DevOps tab and click the Create a toolchain button. 

You'll automatically be taken to the DevOps toolchain creation page, with your options narrowed down to those supporting Kubernetes deployment.


Get started

So what are you waiting for? Start building your apps on IBM Cloud using the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery today.

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