Making cloud safer, one trusted computing pool at a time

As the cloud industry evolves, so does the volume, complexity and sophistication of attacks on IT infrastructure. Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) provides hardware-assisted security technologies to build a secure foundation. Enable Intel TXT on your IBM Cloud bare metal servers to enhance your security portfolio and act as an additional method to secure your infrastructure.

Icon of trusted servers

Trusted server

Your hardware and pre-launch software have been vetted and are in a known good state.

Icon depicting easy to order

Easy to order

Select Intel TXT on the order form and when your server is deployed, it will be enabled with TXT.

Icon depicting stay online

Stay online

Minimize risks that could cause the loss of business momentum.

Do your security and compliance teams require a trusted boot?

Ensure your systems start up in a known good state. The power of Intel TXT establishes a root of trust, providing the necessary underpinnings for successful evaluation of the computing platform and its protection. During the boot process, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) holds the computer-generated keys for encryption, which essentially is a code that measures, extends, verifies and executes — over and over — to establish a system as trusted.


Security icon

Enhancing your security

Once select servers are provisioned with Intel TXT, the infrastructure-level building blocks will enable a customer to build trusted computing pools.

processor based icon

Processor-based, tamper-resistant environment

Measures, extends and verifies that the hypervisor, firmware and BIOS are in a known good state.

Secure workloads icon

Workloads stay secure

Denies workloads from migrating to servers that haven’t been validated.

Data residency icon

Data residency

Extends trust using other server characteristics like geotags, ensuring data stays in certain locations.