What is App Connect?

An intuitive, configuration-based integration platform that enables users from across the organization to quickly connect applications and data, on premises or in the cloud, to drive smarter business outcomes.

App Connect features

A simple approach

Award-winning tooling optimized to different skill sets provides frictionless access to data, enabling users to connect to the information they need and to act on it, immediately.

Fast outcomes

A cloud-scalable platform integrates disparate applications across a multi-cloud environment, ensuring users have access to the latest data, at virtually all times.

A secure platform

Secure connectivity enables organizations to embrace the latest cloud technologies while helping ensure the security of on-premises systems and data.

How customers use it

Quick and easy no-code integration

Connect your business data and applications using a no-code configuration approach. Regardless of IT skill level, employ the simplest drag-and-drop interface to solve your integration needs.

Diagram illustrating quick and easy no-code integration

Build engaging apps with the right data

From RESTful APIs to batch-data movement, support for a broad range of integration requirements enables organizations to maximize the investment in existing technologies while embracing new capabilities.

Diagram illustrating data integration for building engaging apps

Enterprise integration for digital businesses

Connect disparate applications in hybrid cloud environments. Reduce IT complexity and accelerate time to value with capabilities providing rapid access, visibility and control of all enterprise data.

Diagram illustrating enterprise integration of apps in hybrid cloud environments

App Connect versions


Simply connect applications to automate workflows and manage data, on premises or in the cloud.


Optimize the creation and deployment of integrations supporting API-driven digital and hybrid cloud architectures

Get started on App Connect in minutes

Create integration flows quickly and scale to fit any project with a simple drag-and-drop, no-code interface.