We are leveraging the cognitive side of Watson. I see unlimited possibilities with the cognitive side, probably some that we can’t begin to fathom right now.

Chris Richter, President, WaterBot

Business Challenge

Most Americans worry about their drinking water, with good reason. News reports regularly expose high levels of PFCs, PFASs and other contaminants found around the nation. While weekly tests can identify slow trends, they might not alert people to the immediate effects of an industrial spill, local system breach or other failure. I thought there had to be a faster way to check water quality.


Waterbot envisioned users anonymously sending their water quality data into a central system that would effectively track water quality across the nation. The system could help catch a crisis by providing real-time analysis and absolute transparency apart from any utility or government body. The Watson IoT platform provided the power of scale and the vision for a transparent water quality database was on the horizon. Waterbot will be using blockchain technology to keep the data completely secure.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson
  • Security