Business challenge

To drive growth, Trivantage wanted to market to valuable new segments, and needed to meet customer expectations for seamless experiences online and on mobile. How could it achieve its goal?


Trivantage worked with IBM® Premier Business Partner BlueSky Technology Partners to shape smooth customer journeys on any device—making it easier for customers to shop its extensive product catalog.



increase in digital sales achieved to date


increase in mobile traffic in just one quarter


growth into valuable new markets

Business challenge story

Expanding into growth markets


For businesses that have successfully established a leading position in niche industries, adding new segments is an effective way to drive growth. This is the goal at Trivantage, a global supplier of specialty fabrics. The company realized that extending its offering to the upholstery market would deliver incremental sales—if it could meet customer expectations around seamless shopping experiences.

Keith Wood, Director of eCommerce at Trivantage, takes up the story: “Our core market is growing relatively slowly, so adding new segments is an important aspect of our long-term strategy.

“Like many B2B enterprises, our customers have long-established relationships with their sales representatives, and often prefer to place their orders over the phone. However, many are increasingly choosing to use tablets and smartphones in place of paper catalogs when out visiting clients, and expect a mobile experience that mirrors the convenience of B2C retailers. We see that this trend will continue—especially as we expand into different market segments.”

Our KPIs for the digital channel show us that customers are finding it easier than ever to find and purchase the products they need.

Keith Wood, Director of eCommerce, Trivantage

Transformation story

Partnering with the experts

To achieve its goals, Trivantage engaged IBM Premier Business Partner BlueSky Technology Partners to help streamline the customer journey on all touchpoints.

Keith Wood explains: “The project management aspect of the project from BlueSky Technology Partners was extremely strong. The BlueSky team worked closely with us to help us to understand the business rules and technical requirements for our new storefront, as well as building the appropriate project scope and timelines. The team’s discipline and focus was very helpful, and an important factor in the smooth running of the project.”

Working with BlueSky Technology Partners, Trivantage deployed a new, responsive e-commerce site—enabling frictionless journeys regardless of whether customers are visiting online or on mobile.

Results story

Shaping seamless journeys

Thanks to its new e-commerce storefront, Trivantage is achieving its goal of shaping customer journeys that align perfectly with customer expectations for B2C-style experiences


“After operating our new storefront for just one quarter, we increased our number of mobile visitors to the site by 50 percent,” says Keith Wood. “Better still, our key performance indicators for the digital channel show us that customers are finding it easier than ever to find and purchase the products they need. Our bounce rate on the mobile site is dropping steadily, and we are measuring a high average conversion rate of around 22 percent on the digital channel. And as we enter our peak sales season, we expect to attract thousands more visitors to our e-commerce site.”

He adds: “Since our new e-commerce platform went live, we have successfully increased our digital sales by 50 percent—and our latest enhancements to the online store have definitely contributed to that figure.

“It’s not just our customers that appreciate the e-commerce store—our sales representatives value it as well. We work closely with the agents and representatives who handle day-to-day personal interaction with our customers, and their feedback continues to help us streamline the customer journey and make the experience of ordering from us smoother than ever.”

Based on the success of its collaboration with BlueSky Technology Partners, Trivantage is now building a new, unified approach to digital communications with its customers.

“Because of our broad market reach and recent integration with IBM Watson Campaign Automation, we can now ensure that our message is consistent across all of our customer communications—and get the word out about relevant new products more effectively. For example, we are now working with a vendor in Europe to introduce a brand new product line to the US market, and our digital communications platform helped us to inform customers that we will be the primary distributor.”

Lee Whitney, Assistant General Manager at Trivantage, concludes: “As we launch new products into different industry segments, we plan to use customer purchase history and preferences to add dynamic, personalized product recommendations—helping our customers to stock up on products with strong purchasing affinities at the right time in the season to drive their sales. By offering our customers a simple shopping platform on every channel, we are in a strong position to give them a simple and intuitive ordering experience.”

The word "Trivantage" is followed by the words "Order. Done. Good call."


Headquartered in Burlington, NC, Trivantage is an international supplier of specialty fabrics and hardware for the awning, marine, upholstery, shade sail industries and more. With 12 regional distribution centers throughout the United States, the company offers more than 10,000 products to B2B customers across the country.

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