Trinity ViaggiStudio chooses IBM technology to improve the organization of study holidays
A 24-hour virtual assistant, 7 days a week at the service of customers

"I Travel, I live, I fly" is our claim because we have the experience to say that traveling, flying, acquiring study and life experiences helps to find one's own way in the world".

Claudia Randazzo, Owner & CEO of Trinity ViaggiStudio Srl, explains how her company's goal is to ensure that students who participate in a study abroad programs with Trinity return home with the awareness that a foreign language is not just a school subject, but above all a tool for communication and growth, and that a trip abroad is an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Trinity ViaggiStudio was looking for a solution to respond to the growing demand from customers for real-time information. The thousands of travel participants, parents, companions, university and partner college staff are today much more demanding and desire to receive ever more timely and effective answers to their questions, especially on messaging channels.

With the IBM solution, proposed by Ubico, the company was able to meet this need and achieve the set objectives: the first is increasing customer satisfaction and the website conversion rate thanks to the introduction of a live chat widget capable of interacting with site visitors in real-time; the second is the reduction of the customer service staff's workload and the increase in company reputation.

​Now customers can get all the information they need in the blink of an eye, even when the offices are closed.

6000 students

per year

3 offices

in Europe

70 destinations

on 5 continents

The most memorable part of this project was seeing how an Excel file could actually turn into an assistant capable of intercepting and understanding our customers' responses; seeing how all our knowledge took shape to give life to Trinny, our virtual assistant. Claudia Randazzo Owner & CEO Trinity ViaggiStudio
IBM watsonx Assistant at the base of the chatbot Trinny's development

Ubico, an IBM Business Partner, met Trinity's need by finding in the IBM watsonx Assistant technology all the tools to develop an intelligent system capable of understanding and responding to user requests quickly and efficiently. The developed solution included the training of a conversational bot based on the IBM watsonx Assistant, service, which currently interacts with website visitors, responding to over 120 questions from users. The implementation also involved the gradual uploading of all FAQs to the customer service responses. The system is constantly monitored to identify any previously undetected user interaction or request, all in a quick and fluid manner. Thanks to its ability to learn and improve over time and to interpret natural language, the virtual assistant will become increasingly efficient and precise in providing responses and assistance. The virtual assistant understands user questions very effectively and provides answers totally autonomously, all while protecting privacy. In fact, the Ubico development team worked with extreme care to ensure user security and privacy; all personal data is protected and processed in compliance with current data protection regulations.

Looking to the future, we are excited about the idea of continuing to develop and improve our AI-based solutions, ensuring our customers always have a unique experience. With AI destined to play an increasingly central role in the world of travel, we can only imagine how promising our path towards innovation is. Claudia Randazzo Owner & CEO Trinity ViaggiStudio
Successes and perspectives with IBM's conversational AI.

An analysis aimed at evaluating the first months of the project highlighted that the system based on the IBM watsonx Assistanttechnology has so far been able to manage almost all of the questions for which it was trained to respond and about 85% of the overall questions asked by website visitors. Additional comments left by users are inserted and integrated into the system to improve its learning and performance.

Moreover, the virtual assistant was able to collect over 150 contacts from potential customers by directing them to the website pages where it is possible to download product catalogs, fill in contact forms, and book appointments with Trinity consultants.

The adopted solution already makes possible performances that were not possible until a few years ago, such as:

  • 24x7 management of assistance requests
  • real-time interaction with website visitors
  • management of responses to most customer questions without involving customer service operators
  • feedback on which types of information are not present or difficult to find on the website
  • increased overall website conversion rate
  • better time management for traditional service

In the future, Trinity plans to further strengthen its ability to to meet user demands, also thanks to the connection with the company's software/CRM. The company also plans to create a conversational path to guide potential users in choosing the best experience based on their needs.

The technological solution we used for Trinity represents an important step forward in the field of artificial intelligence and promises to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and digital devices. Marco Ciofetta CEO Ubico Srl
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About Trinity ViaggiStudio
The digital transformation journey focused on customer service

Trinity ViaggiStudio is an agency specialized in organizing study trips and holidays abroad. Founded in Milan in 1998, it has over twenty years of experience in the education and language study sector. Since 2011, it has had a location in Rome and has also been present in the United Kingdom since 2012.

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About Ubico
An Innovative Startup

Ubico Srl is an innovative start-up based in Perugia that develops, produces and markets innovative products and services with high technological value. IBM's Silver Partner since 2021 is focused on creating and optimizing AI-based virtual assistants through IBM watsonx.

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